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The FUCK is going on with blahaj and celebration of the assassination attempt?
  • I'm not saying it was a smart thing for the shooter to do, or that I'm celebrating this event or what it could've been, I'm just saying that it's perfectly normal and understandable for an oppressed peoples to not have sympathy for the misfortune of their oppressor.

    Plus, the whole advocating for political violence is NOT a sign of a healthy society

    Yes, we are not a healthy society

  • The FUCK is going on with blahaj and celebration of the assassination attempt?
  • Y’all are on the precipice of finding out firsthand the difference between “OMG I’m so oppressed

    Sounds like the perspective of a privileged person who's life hasn't been in danger for years because of this person. Why is it bad to celebrate the misfortune of a person who has caused massive harm and is promising to eradicate your kind?

  • Are there foods that dogs can safely eat but humans can't?
  • I not sure this is true.

    As I understand, humans have an extremely acidic stomach compared to other animals, even carnivores. Our stomach acid is on the level of scavengers, and this is to kill bacteria and parasites in the food we eat. Humans could be more tolerant of spoiled food than most other species.

    The modern western diet/lifestyle can damage our digestive tract in ways that affect our pH and microbiome making us susceptible to what we should normally be tolerant of. Anyone taking antacids or dealing with heartburn type issues I would expect to more vulnerable to food poisoning since any pathogens can more easily pass deeper into their digestive tract.

    The short digestive tract in a dog is all that is needed to extract nutrients from animal sources, digesting plants requires help from a microbiome and they need somewhere to live and do their work, this is why plant eaters have extensive digestive tracts that are not very acidic so they don't kill them off. Humans (not sure about other animals) neutralize the "chime" exiting your stomach so that it's pH is appropriate for the microbiome living in the intestines.

    The human digestive tract suggest sit evolved for adaptability, a healthy human can safely eat anything from carrion (not saying it's fine, just that we evolved to be able to survive it), be a vegetarian, or eat mostly meat and thrive.

  • Biden Campaign Brushes Off Idea of Reforming the Supreme Court
  • Let's be clear about what this is,

    this is the executive branch refusing to put checks on a clearly corrupt and dysfunctional judicial branch. The stability of our 3 branch system depends on the branches being willing and able to check each other. If one branch yields to another, the system fails.

  • Christian Nationalists Accelerate Their Plan to Dismantle Public Education
  • I think the left should take advantage of this. As an anarchist, I'm not a fan of state education, if leftist groups started schools the way the right does, we can turn this on them. Even the threat of doing so might make them reconsider.

    Similar in idea to how minorities getting armed inspired gun laws in the 80s.

  • Aliens haven't contacted us. Scientists found a compelling reason why.
  • I find the idea that all intelligent species have the same dominator instinct driving them to explore, exploit, and colonize to be flawed. Not even all humans have this instinct, it's just that our western societies are all about domination so we grow up thinking it's the norm.

  • Sometimes when I cough just right after a hit, Sweet Leaf starts playing in my head.

    Sometimes when I cough just right after a hit, Sweet Leaf starts playing in my head.

    interestingasfuck mojo_raisin

    Radiant Sky Cooling Is Cool AF

    This guy figured out how to turn the results of scientific experiments showing how it's possible to cool the temperature of a material below ambient temperatures by radiating heat into space using exotic or uncommon substances into something you can do yourself with easy to acquire and safe materials.