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Do you avoid discussing some topics online even if you have something you'd like to say about them?
  • IDF and Hamas in the context of warfare.

    I just have an interest in modern conflicts, but there's usually a humanitarian crisis that I don't want to overshadow and or discredit.

    Most people here (afaik) aren't part of combat communities so there's no point talking about strategy or objectives unless it has an impact on the broader issue.

  • Using any DE be like:
  • The KDE to GNOME should have been "imagine not having standard min max window titlebar buttons by default" with each following DE dunking on GNOME for the same reason.

    Seriously, what degenerate thought this was a good idea. Even gesture spamming Mac users still have their standard GUI in case they want to use the mouse like a normal person or idk someone not fluent in computers wants to use the machine without feeling like chopping their hand off.

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • Spend a solid week posting screenshots of my comments on this platform about how the DNC is digging their own grave after they inevitably blame the voters for their loss just like in 2016.

  • "Very abnormal": Expert worries pro-Israel megadonors trying to make Dems a "pro-Netanyahu party"
  • As far as I can tell, the Dems are a pro Netanyahu party because those opposed to the genocide are a minority.

    Even Bernie only got something like 70 House reps to sign his protest thing and that included about 10 republicans as well.

  • [meta] "." is not a rule
  • If anyone says Lemmy is like reddit I'm just gonna link this thread in response lol.

    Much prefer discourse and sledging than getting insta banned by some random mod or admin

  • Last one, i've been farming Ai for memes but last one with lore
  • This is a normal engine search lol. All the memes are from the AI response feature, similar to Bing's GPT tab.

  • US officials say North Korea may be planning military action to create chaos ahead of US election, report says
  • Lol I remember a few years ago when they got thrown into the dumpster of news when Iran made a big boohoo a week after they made some big threat and they lost everyone's attention.

  • After call with Biden, Egyptian president agrees to restore aid flow to Gaza
  • Egypt signed away control of their border as part of their peace agreement with Israel lmao.

    Sisi has no jurisdiction, and even if he did Israel already controls the crossing, meaning he'd have to setup a new one and send military power to keep it up.

    Of course he's just a slimy [100 adjective long insult] who sucks [another 100 long adjective insult] so there's a 0% chance that'll ever happen.

    I'm not even sure why Biden even bothered because everyone already knows this. Unless he thinks he can get Israel to comply somehow.

  • toxic help forum
  • I'm annoyed no one ever bothers to mention this:

  • More Than 1 Million Pounds of Aid Moved Into Gaza Via DOD's Temporary Pier
  • For comparison, a single arms shipment of bombs to Israel is usually about 3 million pounds of munitions.

    Something like 1000 2000lb bombs and 1500 500lbs bombs.

    Of which Israel has received I think like 2 shipments per month with various combinations of bomb sizes.

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • The light repeating ding of the AE86 after it screeches around every corner

  • The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report
  • Kind of annoyed people here still haven't made the connection that NATO doesn't want to support an offensive war because that would cost money and the entire MIC would not be making tech for profit. Hence why most tech given to Ukraine has been 90s surplus.

    Nukes don't really mean anything even to Putin. Unless Moscow is under direct invasion, MAD will keep even the most insane at bay.

  • “Everyone is absolutely terrified”: Inside a US ally’s secret war on its American critics
  • Kashmir and the LoC is an underrated conflict involving some overated countries.

    Hindu nationalists on one end and useless military elitists on the other.

    Hope FBI gives him proper protection because RAW has been paying assasins to kill people abroad.

  • On self-driving, Waymo is playing chess while Tesla plays checkers
  • I still want to see someone slap an airplane grade INS suite into a car and load it up with some maps to see how far it can go without relying on GPS lol.

    Not that it would functionally change much, but I find it annoying only self driving cars are still using dedicated navigation setups.

    Google Maps has an aneurysm if you're not going above 5mph even though the accelerometer really should have made this a non problem. Its even more dumb to be using your tiny phone receiver for vehicle navigation. GMaps still has to wait until you're past a spot before finally deciding where you actually are.

  • Happens once per thread
  • That's the joke lol.

    So many comments complaining about .ml users with no .ml users in sight

  • Seattle’s first protected intersection, Dexter Ave N @ Thomas St.
  • Dumb considering Michigan also mandates dedicated left turn lanes on every small intersection.

    Like okay left allowed on any road but not if it's a split avenue. Instead of making a cheap and usable roundabout or ring road, let's make you play frogger against 3 lanes of traffic so you can do a massive U turn.

  • Happens once per thread
  • old reliable:


    Blame the .ml users

  • Indian PM Narendra Modi convinced to be 'emissary of God', questions his biological origins
  • Another day another reason why broke Pakistan still has a good reason to exist.

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