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Most-played demos of Steam Next Fest: June 2024 Edition
  • I'm just now noticing I missed all this. :|

  • Prove youre an OG, State your distro couz
  • 20+ year Linux user here. Fuck it, I ain't got time to manage dumb shit. Install and go, please.

    Though I am curious about LMDE.

  • Top 5 basses I want to own
  • I've never got the hoopla around Rickenbacker, but I came up thinking Warwick had the best sound so I think that may have something to so with it.

  • Have there ever been reports of MAS pirated Windows 10 being unsafe, stealing passwords etc.?
  • windows 10 iso are not available for download

    You mean this isn't available to download;

    Or something else?

  • Starfield’s Paid Mods Ignite A Review Bombing On Steam
  • So donate to the modders. It's not a hard concept.

    Fuck Todd for wanting to profit off of them.

  • Do Gen Z still think Guitars are cool?
  • need to look up, Joe Satriani, Buckethead, and Steve Vai.

    That's the same vein they are taking inspiration from.

    The guitar Tim Henson uses is a half-body, thin-necked, "classical" 6 string Ibanez. He only uses it for certain parts of the songs and ends up back on an electric by the end of the song most of the time. (Or Scott LePage will take over electric duty.) He also plays 7 and 8 string guitars. (I don't know if I've ever seen him with a 9.)

    They use distortion plenty.

    This is just progressive rock really. If you want progressive metal of the same "type", check out Animals as Leaders.

    I thought you were going to mention Chon.

  • Do Gen Z still think Guitars are cool?
  • progressive metal with no distortion



  • Customer service
  • I have 8 samsung monitors of all types in my house and the youngest one is 3 years old now. I've only had 1 failure out of their panels in over 15 years. (Which turned out to be an easy fix.) Anecdotal, yes, but maybe you can enlighten me?

  • Customer service
  • Galaxy phones have fewer glitches and far better customization options than Google Pixels.

    What? I ain't trying to praise google here, because fuck 'em, but what on earth are you about with customization and glitches?

    I've had the Pixel 5 and 7 pro so far and I've wanted to stomp on those phones way less than any phones I've ever had from samsung.

  • Customer service
  • Their PC monitors are still solid. At least with that you're just getting the screen. The second they add shit I'm out.

  • Nintendo Issues Multiple DMCAs On The Modding Site 'GameBanana'
  • A lot of that seemingly came from when modder = cheater in GTAV. Saw a huge swing to that at the height of that game's popularity.

    Edit: Read through the comments and it's related to GTA but in a different way. The guy was comparing bootlegging to modding because someone in his country, Indonesia, was modding GTA:SA to add children's show characters to it, changing the packaging to make it more appealing to children, and then is selling the discs to people. Which is a whole other can of worms.

    Anyone else that mentioned they didn't like modding didn't really elaborate.

  • What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • Oh, it's got other issues than that, but the crackling is the most unnerving.

    Some of the audio from my Jellyfin media player (flatpak) just hasn't been playing. So I check Helvum and sometimes it just doesn't even patch it over. I got the deb of JMP installed and that seems to have made it behave, but the maintainer of JMP hasn't made that easy with all sorts of weird patches and junk.

    My only issue with pulse audio was that I had to open Pulse effects each time I restarted my computer because it wouldn't auto load the settings.

  • What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • I thought it was when I switched over to pipewire, but no. I've got severe audio crackling problems now and I want to go back to pulse for all it's faults.

  • Raspberry Pi is now a public company
  • ...and now I regret impulse buying the 5.

  • Epic won’t update Fortnite to run on the Steam Deck. Tim Sweeney says Linux is ‘a terrifically hard audience to serve’ (2022)
  • Yeah, I meant to throw a "not just yachts" in there but my brain don't work right. We all have our passions. At least the guy looks out for the industry through the eyes of a consumer and doesn't behave like a pissbaby.

  • How wide to make channels in nut compared to strings?

    Hi, 3d printing a nut guy again. Finally have all the materials and I think enough skill to model this thing on my own.

    Exactly what tolerances should I have in the channels of the nut for the strings? Like, for example my low B string is a .59. How large should I make that channel? 1.50mm? A little more room perhaps?

    Thanks for any responses!


    3d printed nut?

    Hey there. I have an Ibanez AX-7221 (Japanese made version) that has a damaged nut. I need to replace it, but am financially locked but do have access to a 3d printer.

    Are there materials that can be printed which would be ok for this task and stand up to the stresses?

    Edit: <3 to everyone that has given advice here. Much better than the 3d printing community's answers I got.