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Academic Indoctrination
  • To be honest, I was taught a little bit of anti-rightwing knowledge in university mandated "elective" courses. Nothing as drastic as the conservatives make it out to be.

    I had a class on privilege, Basically, how the system games minorities (less pay for women, higher chance for black men to run afoul of the police). The goal was to for graduates to never think "black people are poor because they want to be poor."

    My English 101 class also involved a textbook that was very image positive (involving trans identities, women covered in tattoos, etc.)

    I went to an urban university in the same part of the county try I was born in.

  • Opinion: Kamala Harris and Gretchen Whitmer could make a winning ticket for Democrats | CNN
  • I remember the conservatives I worked with hated H. Clinton for "wanting to take our guns away." I told her (it was a white 20 year old girl I was talking to specifically in this group) that whole idea is untrue.

    Clinton didn't lose because of her horrible treatment of Africans, her philosophy that abortion should be a states' right issue, because she is a woman, etc. She lost because the "Dems want our guns" propaganda. Conservatives are a simple breed.

  • Google is switching the Pixel 9 to an ultrasonic fingerprint reader
  • Mine used to work somewhat. Then I got fed up with the errors when unlocking and deleted my finger prints. Now, I get bit with that known bug on Pixel 6 that won't let you register fingerprints (I tried again when I replaced the screen protector - even with no protector). I gave up on that fingerprint reader and 5G on this phone. It still works overall so I refuse to replace it for another year or two.

  • 'More Unhinged by the Minute': Senior Israeli Lawmaker Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran
  • There is a very real chance that Biden’s unquestioning support of Israel will lead to WW3.

    In all five of these administrations -- Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Bush 41 and Obama -- the president actually believed that his predecessor had been too close to the Israelis, that it had cost us and that he needed to create distance. - Washington Institute

    Instead, they said Biden has noted, Obama publicly admonished Israel’s actions and voiced concern for Palestinian civilian deaths early into the 2014 conflict. As a result, Biden has argued, Obama squandered any ability to influence the Israeli government as it invaded Gaza, said the people familiar with his comments. - NBC News

    Support and unquestionable support are the keywords here. Israel has been supported by the US for 50 years but the degree has varied. Even Obama had disagreements with his vice-president over the issue (Biden's Israel strategy is to never disagree with them).

    Also, I want to get clear on this, too: Are you saying people should be unable to say that this is Republican propaganda? Like not allowed to say that, something is wrong with the forum if they’re allowed to make that claim about you? Or no?

    People can say what they like as long as it does not break site rules.

  • 'More Unhinged by the Minute': Senior Israeli Lawmaker Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran
  • Sadly, even taking about issues like this one outside of [email protected] will get you called out for spreading "Republican propaganda" (as you can't make it seem that Biden and his allies want to expand the current war). I hate to sound like a doomer but bleak times (are most likely) ahead.

  • All Republicans are groomers.
  • I think it's because the man has a fat neck and probably had to go up a size or two in shirt size to be able to close that top bottom. The giant collar then makes his head look small.

    I do see that the top bottom is open now but he isn't wearing a tie in the picture.

  • Biden Campaign Brushes Off Idea of Reforming the Supreme Court
  • I agree. This is within the president's role to fix.

    Biden, you are head of the executive branch. Your job is to ensure the law is followed. Do your job and start making them do theirs. It doesn't have to be bloody but applying some pressure would be a great start.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • @[email protected], @[email protected], @[email protected], @[email protected]

    Don't worry, having to spread cold peanut butter on fragile graham crackers is enough punishment for your crimes against nature.

    Also, I just buy the cheap stuff in bulk. It lasts forever so I don't know much about this "real" peanut butter that expires.

  • What's stopping him?
  • Last episode of Dragon Weekly Americano, we witnessed the once heroic group known as the Supreme Court Justice 9 reveal their evil plans meant to enslave the citizens. The author made the villains so strong, the emboldened villains themselves wrote themselves a weakness knowing that there is no opposition strong enough to wield the mighty power of “Absolute Immunity” against them. Is there anyway to stop the Supreme Court Justice 9, find out in this episode of Weekly Americano.

  • It's exhausting...
  • That's more of an issue of gerrymandering and Electoral College, which unfortunately are not even issues in the news lately. The gerrymandering is proof we elect horrible people repeatedly.

  • It's exhausting...
  • Everyone has an equal vote in the US (of course I'm not talking about felons, etc. who lost their vote). Everyone is just so scared "of the other guy winning" they don't elect the person who should win. There isn't a candidate even bothering with a "crawl back to democracy" plan with the end of gerrymandering, federal protection for absentee ballots, better healthcare laws to allow better movement between jobs (why not do Medicare For All which takes out the middleman?), etc. The people still have the power, they are too scared they will lose what position they have in society if they attempt to use it.

    Democracy isn't failing, propaganda is just winning.

    edit: Why should there be a candidate who wants to make things better? Why put resources into that kind of work when it's not even needed to secure votes.

  • Uncovering Every Lie in MKBHD's Softball Interview; a scathing critique of 'brand safe' influencers

    Louis Rossman discuses many design flaws made by Apple over the years throughout their entire catalog.

    This video also came out a few days after I praise the Macbook Pro series for being higher quality then their competition as well. 😂 🫣

    61 Israeli forces spark devastating fire at Ramallah vegetable market

    Over 100 stalls and shops are destroyed by the fire during a dawn raid, where live ammunition and stun grenades were used

    Israeli forces spark devastating fire at Ramallah vegetable market

    Israeli forces ignited a devastating fire at Ramallah and al-Bireh's main vegetable market in the occupied West Bank on Thursday that has destroyed dozens of shops owned by Palestinians and caused millions of shekels in losses.

    Troops raided the neighbouring West Bank cities at dawn, firing live ammunition, stun grenades and tear gas in residential areas and the local market, known locally as al-Hisbah.

    Wooden carts caught on fire and the flames spread throughout the market and to nearby commercial buildings, wounding at least one person and ravaging over 100 stalls and shops, according to al-Bireh's acting mayor, Robin al-Khatib.


    Israel Attacking West Bank Farms

    The U.N. humanitarian affairs office has recorded 650 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since Oct. 7, harming residents and property. It says settlers have killed at least nine Palestinians in the territory and Israeli security forces have killed more than 400 Palestinians in that time.


    Non toxic hedges

    I'm trying to replace two dead bushes. There was one single bush (My guess is either a boxwood or juniper bush) on each side of the porch stair case. I was hoping to find something non toxic for kids, dogs, and especially cats. Most likely the cat will frequent these bushes. Everything seems to be at least somewhat poisonous from what I read on the internet.

    I would appreciate suggestions. I would prefer something that grows around 4ft tall and thrives in the USDA zone 6.