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‘My ultimate and absolute revenge’: Trump gives chilling CPAC speech on presidential agenda
  • I’m afraid of it but I agree with you because “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity” so it’s very much possible for the orange leader to occupy the White House again, and possibly for the rest of his days.

  • Trump says his criminal indictments boosted his appeal to Black voters
  • Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity” … these people that you say are unhappy, poor and desperate are the result of previous administrations letting the rich off the hook from paying taxes, letting education deprecate (with teachers underpaid, undervalued, and each day more having their hands tied, with parents deciding what they can and cannot do…). Also let’s remember “No Child Left Behind” which was basically a way to defund education, letting kids that don’t learn keep moving forward to get out of the school system, without having to spend more to educate those who need, with the excuse of not letting them get stuck and failing. Schools are penalized if they don’t show kids progress, so they let the kids slide. Thanks George W. Bush! Now all of these people are seeing the results of poorly educated kids not able to secure jobs that pay better, while corporations, as they focus on cuts for profit and survival, get scotch free from contributing to education and infrastructure.

    The unhappy, poor and desperate don’t have the capacity to see what caused all of this, and can only relate to their situation being the fault of the other party. No context, so they believe on the orange man that talks with simpler words and short phrases, cursing and disrespecting, bringing to a level they are unfortunately accustomed to.

  • Ron DeSantis condemned as Florida removes sociology as core college class
  • Brilliant, it is a plot for a movie!!

    In "Idiocracy: Making America Great Again," we dive headfirst into an alternate reality where the 47th president of the USA, sporting golden sneakers and a penchant for grandiosity, leads America down a path of absurdity and excess. His tropical White House in Palm Beach, FL, complete with a "safe bathroom" for confidential documents, epitomizes his mantra of "spending less, achieving more" – even if everything, including his hands and his mushroom-shaped feet, is smaller than advertised.

    Under his reign, guns are glorified and regulation-free, while the right to choose is brutally snatched away to ensure the "barbarian women" don't interfere with the future tax-paying workforce. Slavery is whitewashed as a stepping stone to freedom, and tax breaks for the wealthy flow like champagne at a yacht party, with the middle class left to foot the bill under the guise of "lower taxes for all."

    But fear not, for universal healthcare emerges as the president's pièce de résistance – a masterstroke of simplicity where every American is entitled to one primary care physician visit per year, with the rest of their medical needs financed through bank loans. It's hailed as the greatest plan in history, despite leaving most citizens one illness away from bankruptcy.

    As banks thrive within hospitals and pharmacies, debt skyrockets, but who cares when the future is someone else's problem? With "Idiocracy: Making America Great Again," prepare for a rollercoaster ride through a world where the motto is “Welcome to Costco, I love you!” and absurdity reigns supreme and the only certainty is laughter through the tears.

    By Fox Films

  • Ron DeSantis condemned as Florida removes sociology as core college class
  • And here is what will happen next: The 47th president of the USA , donning golden sneakers, will make America great again, this time for real, in their alternate reality. His tropical White House in Palm Beach, FL, where confidential documents are stored in a “safe bathroom,” is a demonstration that “there is no need to spend money” and everything is small (including his hands and his mushroom shaped...feet).

    The government will make sure that there is no regulation on guns, but right to chose will be banned for good, so that the “barbarian women” don’t do anything to babies - these will be able to pay more taxes in the future, for the smallest government.

    Slavery will be taught to have been the greatest hoax, and books will explain that it allowed people to get on their feet and buy their freedom.

    There will be no limit on what tax savings the rich can get, including receiving money back they didn’t pay, by receiving loans that are forgiven later, and every worker household will have had a chance to pay more taxes, while being fed that taxes are being lowered.

    Healthcare marketplace will end, because the 47th will come up with a better plan after killing what exists already. Universal healthcare will be given to all Americans, and will consist of everyone having the right to one primary care physician visit per year, then complement healthcare needs with access to bank loans, to do whatever other treatment one may need. It will be a beautiful plan, the greatest plan… no sick left behind. The economy will grow because banks will have branches inside hospitals and pharmacies; banks will have trillions in loans due to them at all times. Debt will increase, sure, but who cares, current Repubs won’t be around to pay for it.

  • [UPDATE] RPi Alternatives for Self-hosting
  • Three years ago bought the same mobo, same cpu, 16gb corsair, 256 gb Samsung ssd, gtx 3080 Ti, plus everything else to build it and the cost was $1200. You got a deal.

    To be honest that 550 mobo sucked until 2023, when they finally released firmware that allowed for us to set the language. For some weird reason the mobo defaulted into Chinese and was impossible to make changes to it. Lived with a non configured mobo for a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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