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Everything hurts. I know I am going to die single but that doesn’t lessen the pain.
  • Sending you thoughts and compassion via the physical world, but letting you know here via the internet, so you know what you are receiving. I will be imagining you smiling inside and feeling a bit better when you read this and send some back to someone else when you feel better.
    When you have a chance today look up “yoga nidra” and “NSDR” on YouTube and give it try a on short version of the guidance to alleviate some of the pain.
    May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be well my internet friend.

  • Turkey is over-rated
  • Agreed. Turkey was a fine meal for settlers. Better things to eat nowadays. “But…but… it’s tradition!” they say. Well, so is the Running of the Bulls in Spain and most people wouldn’t do that!

  • Happy Thanksgiving brothers
  • Sending you compassionate thoughts and good energies across the physical world. Just letting you know here on fediverse, so you are aware you are receiving this gift. May you be healthy, may you be safe, may you be well! Thankful I can send this your way and that technology allows for quick communication nowadays.

  • We just hit 410 subscribers and 45 posts! If you are a lurker please help the community grow by commenting and posting.
  • Had the same thoughts as you. In my mind people who cared about the issue (and not cared for the company’s response) had already taken action. There might be a second small wave now, but we might be looking at a long tail adoption. The important thing is that people find and stumble to content via search engines, and who knows when these engines will be crawling the fediverse…