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High heels footwear should not exist.
  • Your first three could be considered factually correct but the last is pretty easily disproved. High heels make your legs stand more taught and generally makes you claves, thighs, and ass look better. Plus it's a general rule of thumb that humans like people who are tall. People will gladly trade inconvenience to improve their appearance and the fact that high heels have persisted seems to imply people think they look better in them

    Here's an example of the same woman in various types of shoes and while this is a matter of opinion, I think she looks best in the block heels followed by the kitten heels:

    5 frames of the same woman wearing in order: flats, kitten heels, block heels, platform shoes, and tennis shoes

    If you disagree then you're in the correct place, but it's really less about the feet and more about the change in posture

  • ‘Despicable Me’/‘Minions’ Becomes First Animated Franchise To Reach $5B In Global Box Office
  • This feels like a pretty arbitrary distinction to me. Marvel movies are basically animated films, Pokémon is the most profitable franchise on the planet spanning every form of media, and Avatar makes more money per movie than a lot of countries' gdp. I don't really know what this achievement is

  • Spotify is no longer just a streaming app, it's a social network
  • This has been my problem since Google All Access died. I tried YouTube music out but it seems to be incapable segregating my videos I want to watch and the music I want to listen to, making both products worse. I tried Pandora which has the best "radio" but absolutely nothing natively supports it. As an android user I'm not using Apple Music so I'm stuck with Spotify

    Spotify seems to care so much about curated playlists. They want you to see popular ones, they want you to see which ones your friends made, they want your household on one plan so you can "jam" together and I don't give a shit. My music tastes are not super contemporary and not very popular. I'm fine with that. However because I don't listen to playlists every station I listen to turns into the same songs in half an hour. No matter what I listen to Spotify seems to think that Rich Girl by Hall and Oates (a song I used to like quite a bit!) is a perfect follow up. Jimmy Buffet, Jamiroquai, Doja Cat, Cake, the Challengers soundtrack, a playlist of specifically women singers from the 90s. All have had fucking Hall and Oates pop up on autoplay

    They very clearly are pushing you to use their social media features to get variety and it sucks

  • There is no topic for Thursday, feel free to suggest one!
  • That's my point about civility. I think you can have the conversations, but almost every parent I know says that their children are their greatest achievement and that they are the best part of their life. You're inviting people in who fundamentally disagree with that and a lot of people take it pretty personally when you call the most important thing in their life a moral failure. I just don't imagine /c/parenting users come here to be lambasted and I doubt it's good for growing the community as well

  • There is no topic for Thursday, feel free to suggest one!
  • As a child free person myself I don't think you want to invite that here. Not to say it'd be uncivil but some of our reasons for not having children will be inherently offensive to people here and I don't think it'd be good for the general vibe. Just an example, I'm not certain I'm going to live the rest of my life free of major strife (the global rise of fascism, climate change disasters, globe trotting plagues, etc) and I think it's morally irresponsible to bring a child into the world. Are those conversations that you want to have here or do you want to talk about the difficulties of raising kids, the surprising joys, and the unexpected milestones?

  • Tesla’s Share of U.S. Electric Car Market Falls Below 50%
  • Well when I purchased my car he hadn't done that, so it didn't factor into my decision. To your second point. That's literally what they just did, I mentioned that in my comment. A bunch of auto manufacturers are switching their primary port, that's another way of fucking your charging network. However, to my benefit, they'll probably be picking up some of Tesla's slack on NACS charging stations. Finally, worst case scenario it's not like Tesla disappears off the face of the earth. If Elon fucks it all to hell they'll break the company into pieces, sell the various pieces to other auto manufacturers and life will move on

  • Will Deadpool & Wolverine save the Marvel Studios slump? Disney boss Bob Iger says it'll be the biggest MCU movie "in a long time"
  • I agree with Iger that this probably will be the biggest MCU movie in a long time. However I'd argue that's in spite of the MCU not because of it. They're simultaneously cashing in on Deadpool hype and bringing the primary X-Man into the MCU. Obviously we don't know what direction it's going to to go in until the movie comes out but I have a hard time imagining that if it tries to merge into the "main" MCU world that it'd make sense tonally. If it fucks off into the weird "multiverse" stuff that Dr Strange, Loki, and Wanda seem to be doing I have to guess subsequent stuff will be more nothingburgers that people are apathetic about

    I personally think people liked Deadpool being mostly it's own thing. I think keeping him only tangentially involved is going to be the key to success but I doubt Disney's ability to be restrained enough to do that

  • Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • I think you're telling on yourself a little here. If someone says "adults only space" and you immediately go to strip club instead of bar, club, comedy clubs, lounges, etc. then maybe that's about you

  • Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • I'm an adult with adult responsibilities and obligations. Occasionally I do have to be on a plane. That child's presence is almost certainly not required somewhere with such urgency that they simply must be on a plane. Also I can and do behave myself so I don't need to be justified. Babies usually can't and don't, which is why we're having this conversation in the first place

  • Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • If you're an adult who doesn't have or don't work around children it's hard to overstate how irritating they are. The noise, lack of self-awareness, the energy, the stickiness, and you have to censor yourself around them. Additionally, they're way harder to reason with (if they even can communicate) and parents are notoriously shitty and self-righteous. Finally adults have consequences. If an adult screams their head off, runs up and down the aisles, or hit people around them then flight attendants can do something

    You also act like that child HAS to be on that plane. You can drive, you could leave the kid with someone else, you could take a train, a bus, or you could just not go. We know planes specifically are really uncomfortable for babies because of the pressure. You chose to have a kid presumably knowing that you'd be making sacrifices for them. Maybe one of those sacrifices should be flying until they're old enough to behave

  • Tesla’s Share of U.S. Electric Car Market Falls Below 50%
  • As someone who bought one recently (past yearish) there's several things:

    1. The charger network: Superchargers are so much more plentiful than the alternatives, and there's still not a great central charging app. I have 3 different ones installed on my phone and honestly most of them suck besides Tesla's. Non-tesla chargers are basically just at apartments, businesses, and malls. Very few of which actually help me

    2. Autopilot: when used within reason it's a great feature. I use it in clear weather conditions for highway driving which probably covers 75% of my total time driving. In the optimal environment it feels much safer than a human and the (admittedly biased) data seems to back that up. Also having it commute for you in stop and go traffic is a huge game changer

    3. Tesla is an all electric car company. I don't necessarily trust other big auto companies to continue supporting electric, and to keep supporting specific electric models. We've already seen major auto manufacturers drop a charging standard (which is probably better for Americans) but what's to stop them from doing it again? What stops them from stopping support for a specific model and running out of parts for it? I don't expect an all electric car company with 5 models to do that

    4. Yes, Elon is a massive piece of shit. You know who else is? Every auto exec. The only difference is that they're quiet and effective. Those old money fucks have done so much more harm to our planet because they know how to influence politics effectively. Something something, ethical consumption, something, something, capitalism

    Overall I got a mid-price electric car with a decent set of features. I'm relatively happy with my purchase while understanding the clear limitations of it

  • Just so we're clear:-D
  • You're telling me the intersection of fascist doublethink, media illiteracy, and militant misogyny isn't Lord of the Flies? Or that one of the biggest pieces of mainstream transgender media has little overlap with Handmaid's Tale?

  • What's the best videogame console of all time?
  • Despite never owning one (we were a Nintendo house) I'd argue it's the PS2. An easy thing to forget is that the PS2 was one of the cheapest DVD players for a very long time and that got video games into a lot of houses that wouldn't have had them. Add to that some of the best games of tent pole franchises GTA3, FFX and FFXII, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, MGS3, Guitar Hero, and Tony Hawk. That generation also cemented the twin stick controller design as the standard. I really think the PS2 defined the rubric for consoles to come

    JK, it's the Wii. I helped install one in a nursing home when it came out, what other video game console had that kind of appeal? /s (but only kinda)

  • Millions of OnlyFans paywalls make it hard to detect child sex abuse, cops say
  • "Lieutenant! We need a bigger budget, sir!"

    "Is there a sidewinder equipped helicopter or predator drone for sale?"

    "No sir, something even more serious. We just found the bullshit excuse we need to charge porn to the public and watch it at work"

    "Oh my god"

  • You've heard of dishwasher salmon, now get ready for...
  • In my opinion this pretty conclusively proves that you can't make a mailbox lasagna. This is the graph I looked but for my previous statement:

    A graph showing the temperature the inside of a car can reach in the sun

    And it shows that a car can hit 130-140 at temps around what you posted. Which is so much wildly higher than what you posted I do have to assume cars have some sort of greenhouse effect going that mailboxes don't

    Finally when you consider how much of the total volume of a mailbox a lasagna covers, I have to imagine that'll slow heating down even more! Great work!

  • Clicking a link to a lemmy community on a card doesn't work

    When someone links to a community if you open the post and then follow the link it works fine. If you're browsing with cards and try to follow the link from the card without opening the actual post it attempts to open the link in a browser which fails because the link is not the full URL. It would be nice if clicking the link would take me to that community on that instance, which is what it does when you open the post and click the link