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You'll regret using natural keys
  • This is tied to YAGNI. Do you really need to impose this restriction on this database? Don’t add restrictions “just in case it might be useful”. If you don’t have a good reason, you ain’t gonna need it.

  • Tobacco-like warning label for social media sought by US surgeon general who asks Congress to act
  • This has the same vibes as old people complaining about things kids do. “Why don’t they listen to the radio and play with sticks in the woods like I did? Kids these days are just listening to rock music and reading comic books.”

    Social media is here to stay and putting warning labels on it won’t do a damnest. Kids will still use it because the option would be not to be included in their friend groups.

  • Movie Trailers Are Killing Movies
  • You mean the quick roll of cool shots before the actual trailer starts? Mainly because internet is now about competing for attention. If you haven’t captured the audiences attention within 5 seconds, you’ve lost. They’re on their way watching something else instead.

  • Diablo 4 tried to repackage Diablo 2's grind for the modern era, but series overseer Rod Fergusson says the "consumptive nature of a live service" made it unfeasible
  • Well it works best if the game is actually good.

    A game that does seasons very well is Deep Rock Galactic. Each season comes with fresh new content. Old seasons can be revisited if you missed them, so no stress. The new additions to the game are permanent, which adds great variety to the missions. Progress follows between seasons, so no need to create new characters from scratch.

    Most importantly: the game is really good as well.

  • Do you take the train to travel to other countries? (By Night)
  • I’m from Sweden, so if I’m traveling in Europe I’m mainly taking flight to the continent, and then travel by train between countries in the continent. Must be even worse to only rely on train for the Finnish.

    Always taking train between cities within Sweden, unless I’m going to a northern city like Umeå for some reason (incredibly rare for me).

  • Stop comparing programming languages
  • Where I’m working we’re heavily using Spark, which kind of blocks us from upgrading. There seem to be ways to get Scala 3 to work, but we also have old terribly written baggage code no one understands. Just upgrading between 2.12 to 2.13 was a journey.