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Dumb Q: How to manage sw licences?
  • I’m not in tech anymore but must comment that I work at a major company in a dynamic field with young, ultra-qualified, ultra-smart personnel that is not horribly computer-unsavvy but I still think I’m the only one in the whole company who opens IT support tickets via a system instead of caling, even though IT pushes the system and even though you get good support via the system and horrible people by calling

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • That native-American dude in Megaman Battle Network who is super righteous, but if you talk to him and refuse to rebattle him just says “Cowards have no future”, genuinely inspired me into adulthood

  • Disney’s Harsh New Reality: Costly Film Flops, Creative Struggles and a Shrinking Global Box Office
  • There’s no way this shit is tax optimal, so many companies with super-specific purposes… unless it’s all to trigger specific tax regimes. Maybe they should simplify the corporate structure instead of axing creative staff they clearly need

  • Disney’s Harsh New Reality: Costly Film Flops, Creative Struggles and a Shrinking Global Box Office
  • Comics being super interconnected in big events is indeed not a Disney invention, and it makes sense for movies to follow that format. BUT both comics and the MCU initial phases only worked out because the heroes’ standalone comics/movies stood on their own feet. Disney fucked up when they started making interconnected movies without setup (Eternals, I liked it but no one else did) or making standalone hero movies that are clearly just there for a future mash-up (compare recent movies to first Iron Man or first two Captain America movies). Doesn’t help either that repeating the same formula for new hero movies over and over gets boring with time and today’s Disney (and overall mainstream movie market) is deathly afraid of creativity. When was the last time you saw a movie that isn’t a remake/sequel, adaptation, or documentary?

  • The fediverse is empowering users like never before, but concerns persist
  • This. Instagram was probably amazing back when it only had people who looked good in pics and/or were good at taking pics, and only posted stuff if it was particularly interesting. Rather than the whole world being sorta forced to put random pics on there.

  • PC Gamer 2015: Let's stop calling ourselves the 'PC Master Race'
  • Yeah let’s be honest if the PCMR reddit community had the chance to holocaust console gamers they probably would. Here in the Fediverse we’re more civilized and gentlemanly and accepting but I think the name is fine, no one will go nazi over it.

  • PC Gamer 2015: Let's stop calling ourselves the 'PC Master Race'
  • There’s a quite a difference in saying that about someone’s home country, which is a pain in the ass to leave, vs about a community people can opt into and which does not really shape their lives

  • Hot take: LLM technology is being purposefully framed as AI to avoid accountability
  • It’s just a happy coincidence for them, they call it AI because calling it “a search engine that steals stuff instead of linking to it and blends different sources together to look smarter” wouldn’t be as interesting to clueless financial markets people

  • Aluminum back to replace glass?

    Hi all, I know there have been some bootleg iPhone backplates in old models that you could swap in place of that very breakable glass back. Anyone knows of any still-existing alternatives? I love my 12 Pro but it’s getting its back broken way too frequently, and putting such a good looking phone in an ugly and cumbersome case would be such a waste. Dunno if aluminum back is still feasible given antennae positioning and insulation, but any other non-glass replacement might work… ty!

    (First post here, if wrong place/format let me know)