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Justice Sotomayor’s Bodyguard Shoots Suspected Carjacker Outside Her Home
  • It doesn't have to be an assassination attempt. Just the fact that there was life-threatening violence in a place that is so close to her that her bodyguard had to be involved brings this issue to mind. Even if a liberal justice dies of natural causes right now, with the Senate's razor-thin margin, it's possible for another RBG moment were Trump to win, making SCOTUS an even worse 7-2 supermajority for conservatives. If Supreme Court justices were elected to proportionally represent Americans, there would be at least a 5-4 majority for liberals.

  • Justice Sotomayor’s Bodyguard Shoots Suspected Carjacker Outside Her Home
  • A carjacker pulled a gun on a person sitting in a car in front of Justice Sotomayor's home, a place where it's very possible that she might have been. It doesn't matter whether she was targeted or not. If she dies for whatever reason, it's a concern. Whoever Biden appoints would have to pass the Senate with the current razor thin majority.

    Had she been in the car for some reason, then we might have another Ruth Bader Ginsberg moment, and in the worst case scenario, Trump could get reelected and appoint somebody for a 7-2 conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

    Don't get stuck in the idea that lifetime appointments are only a problem for assassinations. Ginsberg died of natural causes, and see what that got us.

  • Justice Sotomayor’s Bodyguard Shoots Suspected Carjacker Outside Her Home
  • I think that there are many serious inherent flaws with the idea of lifetime appointments, especially for the highest court in the land, and this is one of them.

    I've recently become a fan of the idea that for Supreme Court justices, they have a fixed-length term, and each President gets to nominate a predetermined number of them.

  • Trump asks for conviction to be overturned after immunity ruling
  • That doesn't make any sense. Explain why you included the part about genocide at all of you didn't intend it to be about Biden. It wouldn't make sense to include that paragraph if you meant Trump or were trying to be ambiguous.

  • Right-Wing Supreme Court Rules Trump Has 'Absolute Immunity' for Official Acts
  • They should be terrified of what Trump would do to them with this power, though. History has shown time and time again that, just because Trump likes you today, that doesn't mean he won't fire you tomorrow. Or in this case, should I say "fire" you tomorrow.

  • Trickle down rule
  • It's obvious that it doesn't work from the moment you first hear about it.

    You don't become the wealthy elite by accident. You do it by hoarding money.

    So if someone gives you more free money, you'll just hoard it like you're already doing.

  • Trump Endorses Sam Brown in Nevada’s Key Senate Race
  • Reminder that Trump doesn't endorse people because they're good for the country or even because they're good for the party.

    Trump endorses people only when it benefits himself. For example, he might force them to pledge personal loyalty to him, like he tried to do with James Comey.

  • Burrito
  • The primary reason an MRI is expensive to run is that it has this magnetic field that must be maintained. This is a cost that is irrespective of whether they are running a scan.

    So if you have an MRI for small animals and it's not being used, you might use it for a hamster.

  • How to fix Korea's birthrate? Put girls in school earlier, controversial report argues
  • Really, there's nothing specifically wrong with having a low birth rate. On a large scale, we have an overpopulation problem, and there's not really a negative for each person having fewer children. Of course, smarter people will decide to have fewer kids. But eventually, it will all balance out.