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xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Like most people in the western world (and indeed likely in most of the world) do.

    I'm going to have to see a source for this claim.

    I know the person has merit in their argument when they go on the personal attack. 👍

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Eradicating personal vehicles is not feasible.

    Not owning a personal vehicle is only okay if you live in the heart of a city and don't go outside of that little bubble. All other scenarios massively benefit from a personal vehicle; even going from one side of a city to another.

  • Is there any closed source android app that you wish had a good open source alternative?
  • How strange. You would think the star rating would always show regardless of regional settings and you would think reviews are also shown but with a translate button next to each review given that's not the same as what's set in your regional settings - the same as on Google Maps.

  • Is there any closed source android app that you wish had a good open source alternative?
  • I don't see the hate for storing data in a sqlite database. It's still your data, you get to do with it as you please, and I've yet to see the data encrypted (let's not give anyone any silly ideas here). You want to see your data outside of the program, just download any sqlite viewer. If you don't mind CLI, then the tools provided by sqlite are more than good enough and are only a few MB in size.

  • Is there any closed source android app that you wish had a good open source alternative?
  • Everyone I've tried from the Play store feels too basic compared to Nova or their rating is too low because of bugs.

    Edit: in hindsight it looks like I'm a paid shill for Nova. This isn't the case at all. I've been looking at launchers for the past few weeks as I recently realised I've had the same set up style for over a decade. I don't want to be the person stuck in the past doing stuff the slower and archaic ways when there are newer and better ways of doing things. I currently have over 20 launchers installed on my phone and I've been slowly trying some.

  • De-Google Your Life - Part 1
  • 💯

    I think the internet is broken in this regard. Adverts and all of the tracking is horrific. Pay walling a website for $5-10 a month is not appealing for those who only want to read a couple of articles a month. But, without monetization good content from people who are good at their job will disappear.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm team adblock everything but I am willing to pay if there is a new sensible solution to the problem figured out.

  • Scarlett Johansson denied OpenAI the right to use her voice. They used it anyway.
  • Let's say OpenAI did actually use Scarlett Johansson's voice. Who owns the audio that OpenAI used? Scarlett Johansson herself or the movie company that used the audio in their movie(s)? This might be a case of Scarlett Johansson vs the movie company, not Scarlett Johansson vs OpenAI, as OpenAI could have paid for them.

  • Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • Lemmy people are the same people as Reddit people. I think both communities have similar personalities. I've been banned from multiple sub Reddits because I disagree with a mod. Every time I've been on topic and respectful, yet I've been told to shut up because they disagreed and then shortly later banned. I now recognise the authoritarian tone these mods give to being banned soon.

  • I think I've experienced a bug with displaying comments.

    I've experienced it today where the app doesn't show the comment if I click one of my own comments or the reply to it. It shows the parent comment and other comments in the submission.

    I've checked the modlog for the community and neither comment has been removed, so it looks like it's a bug with the app?


    Is shadow banning submissions/comments/users a thing on Lemmy?

    Is there such a thing as shadow banning submissions, comments, or users on Lemmy?

    I'm having trouble seeing a couple of comments that I know were there at some points, one of them is my own and I haven't deleted it. So it got me wondering, is shadow banning a thing here.


    Bots copy pasting Reddit - is there a method to block them all?

    I've noticed we have bots copy pasting Reddit submissions. Is there a method to block them all?

    I assume they mean good by 'generating' content in communities, but I don't see a reason why anyone would comment on them since the OP is on Reddit and will never read them.

    I know I can block each individual account as I come across them but I'd just prefer to block them all so I don't see their content at all.

    They appear to do the nice thing by adding a line in the submissions about it being an automated submission. Is there a filter for words/phrase found in the body of a submission?


    Has anyone tried obtaining ccTLD zone files?

    I'm interested in looking at newly registered domains for bad actors.

    There are services out there that offer zone files for 'all' TLDs but are too expensive for individuals not backed by a company to pick up the bill. I've also found some free lists but they appear to be incomplete.

    So I've gone down the route of attempting to obtain zone files or at least newly registered domain lists from TLDs themselves. Obtaining zone files for gTLDs is straight forward with ICANN's CZDS service. But obtaining zone files for ccTLDs appears to be quite interesting. I attempted to Google but couldn't find anything so I've started to email ccTLDs; it already feels like I'm spamming since I'm sending the same email - I've only sent it to 10 TLDs so far. It looks like there are a few hundred ccTLDs.

    Is there a better method than emailing each ccTLD and hoping for the best?