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Lemmings of ...uh... Lemmy who ate ramen noodles dry, whaddup wit dat?
  • They sell the ramen seasoning separately. It's the same stuff in the little packets. If you can't get it locally, Amazon has it. Search for "ramen seasoning".

    This conversation reminds me of when I discovered I can buy the Mac and Cheese powder for a lot less than buying the box. I love it on popcorn and homemade tortilla chips. Also can be used to make Mac and Cheese for cheap.

  • Am I the only one not seeing one quarter of the posts?
  • It's the same for Sync for Lemmy. Sometimes the majority of comments are invisible. I'll see 12 comments, of which only 2 show. Sometimes there's a reply to one of my comments, and I can read it in the inbox, but it is invisible in the actual thread.

  • Burning an American flag in the US is protected by the first amendment, but spray painting a liberation slogan on the flag of the genocidal foreign Israeli apartheid regime is prosecuted as a “hate cr
  • In the US, the US flag is the only one that had any protection from desecration, and that was what the SCOTUS decision addressed, finding that desecrating the flag as a political statement is protected speech. No other country's flag has ever had protection. OP's statement is comparing apples to oranges. Vandalizing a US flag that is not yours is still a property crime. Vandalizing the Israeli flag at their embassy is also a property crime. But if you're shouting Jewish slurs as you do it, that activates the hate crime enhancements.

    If you just stand outside the embassy and yell slurs, that's not illegal. But when a crime is committed and the motivation involves race or religion - that's when the penalty for the crime increases under the hate crime law.

  • Burning an American flag in the US is protected by the first amendment, but spray painting a liberation slogan on the flag of the genocidal foreign Israeli apartheid regime is prosecuted as a “hate cr
  • Law says you can do anything to any flag - provided that it's one you own. The moment that you vandalize someone else's property (flag), that's a crime. Then the "hate crime" enhancement can be added.

    Spray paint any logo you want on Israeli flags that you purchase yourself. Nothing illegal about it.

  • What's the smallest amount of money you'd need to get to flee the country?
  • Pulling out all your money or selling your home and possessions would give you away. And a pauper with a boat would be a red flag for any investigator. You'd have to be willing to give it all up. Your family would have to believe you died.

    A better option would be to slowly siphon off money and be seen frequenting a casino, or become known as a drug addict. Once you've liquidated everything and racked up tons of debt, fake a suicide. Become aberrant or hyper-religious/political. Tell everyone that you're going on a hike to "find yourself" or that you're volunteering to fight in Ukraine. Never come back.

  • On Lemmy can we use the NA word or do we get banned ? Not going to type it out because I do not want to get banned.
  • On social media, don't attack the person you disagree with. Argue the case for everyone else who's reading the discussion, as if you were an attorney trying to convince the jury. Personal attacks are often counterproductive, and detract from the credibility of your argument.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Not recommended for lycra or spandex suits, or any suit that has elastic closures, particularly during the summer months. They will rapidly degrade in the heat of the car. My wife left hers in the car after a vacation (never used it). It was tucked in the trunk. Found it a month later and it disintegrated in the wash.

  • State Farm Seeks Enormous Rate Increases in California to Prevent Insolvency | KQED
  • Well, you're going to piss off the policyholders then. State Farm is a mutual insurance company. It's owned by the policyholders. It's essentially a non-profit, since profits go to reduce premiums or pay dividends to the policyholders.

    The thing is, the company isn't turning a profit. When what fills the cup doesn't match the hole in the bottom, at some point the cup will be empty. California has mismanaged the wilderness areas and allowed development without concern for potential fire danger. Climate change, high fuel loads after decades of suppressing natural fires, improperly maintained electrical infrastructure, and a lack of "Fire Wise" education are all contributing to huge wildfires and high property loss rates.

    If California were to seize every insurance company in the state, they would quickly be in the same predicament - needing to raise premiums to cover the losses.

    The only real solution is to reduce the risk. That's why the NFPA came up with local Fire Safe Councils. We educate the homeowners about how to make our homes resistant to wildfire damage. Using grant money, we reduce the fire danger by clearing hazardous undergrowth. We provide resources for homeowners, like chipping programs, matching funds for tree removal, and other assistance in maintaining defensible space. We have successfully lobbied for insurance discounts when homeowners complete risk reduction measures.

  • brewing tea with space vacuum?
  • If you place a tea bag in a cup of water at 20C in a thermally isolated vacuum chamber, when the chamber pressure is reduced to or below the vapor pressure of water at 20C (about 17 torr, or 1/3 psi), it will begin to boil. The vapor produced will be at 20C and the water in the cup will be 20C and begin to decrease, because of latent heat of vaporization needed for the liquid/gas phase change. The water will continue to boil as long as the pressure is maintained at or below the vapor pressure of water at that temperature. Eventually, the water reaches 0C. Then it will stop boiling and begin to freeze as the latent heat of fusion provides the necessary heat to continue evaporation. When all the water has converted to ice, the vapor pressure is greatly reduced. The ice will sublime (go from solid to gas) still, but as that continues to cool the ice, the vapor pressure also drops. As the temperature drops, sublimation will slow until it is nearly zero. So you would end up with a tea bag encased in ice.

    In your example, if you suddenly exposed to the cup and tea bag to the vacuum of space by rapidly venting the air, the water would explosively evaporate, shredding the tea bag. You'd be left with bits of tea leaves, an empty cup, and a lot of very fine ice crystals.

  • If global warming is a biproduct of humans, wouldn't the logical answer be to kill 2/3rds of the humans?
  • I see it as one possibility of many. Measures currently employed are limited because most countries are democratic, where politicians must appease the people to stay in office. China could implement one-child because they are a de-facto dictatorship.

  • The interior of your house is hot, the exterior cool. What would the most efficient orientation be for a box fan? Pushing hot air out of a window or pulling cool air in through it? (Solved)*
  • I've tried it many ways. The most efficient method using a fan is to open the windows in a room on the leeward side of the house, then place a fan a few feet in front of the doorway, blowing air into the room. It's more efficient because the impelled air will entrain surrounding air moving a greater volume through the doorway and out all the windows in that room. Then open windows in the farthest rooms to get a cross breeze.

    Also look into an attic fan. They exhaust hot air from the attic, and it makes a world of difference in keeping your interior cool. Another trick is to mount shade cloth 6 inches away from the sunny walls of your home. It absorbs most of the solar radiation and keeps your walls cooler.

  • If global warming is a biproduct of humans, wouldn't the logical answer be to kill 2/3rds of the humans?
  • Logically, killing humans would be way down on the list of potential Global Warming solutions. We would have to exhaust all other methods first. Just banning private vehicles would save a few billion from extermination. Green energy tech and Nuclear power would save more. Vegetarian diets even more. Reducing organic waste, involuntary birth control, carbon sequestration - it's a long list of better incremental solutions. They may be more costly than extermination, but they're infinitely more ethical. It's only logical if that's the sole solution that ensures some of the population survives. We're a long way from that condition.

  • What scientific discoveries greatly weakened religion and the case of God ?
  • It wasn't any particular scientific discovery that weakened religion. It was the popularity of science fiction that did it. As Arthur C. Clarke put it, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." People can now imagine how miracles are done without invoking anything supernatural. We might not have the tech to do it yet, but we have a pretty good idea of potential methods. That has placed a lot of "creator god" religions under pressure. Create life? Tech will eventually do it. Create a world? Sure, tech again. Given enough tech, a solar system can be spawned. Water into wine? We're halfway there with Kool-Aid. We already have vimanas (those ancient Hindu flying vehicles). We call them airplanes or helicopters. We can destroy a whole city with a single weapon. So why should we worship a supreme being who supposedly did those things?

    Assuming we can conquer poverty, religions that survive will be centered around improving the human condition. Worshipping dieties will eventually fall by the wayside. It will still be a long process. You can't dispel faith with reason and facts. And people in poverty tend to embrace religion because it gives them comfort and hope that things will be better in the afterlife.

  • What was the first effective cure for a disease in history?
  • Animals were doing it long before humans even existed. Some birds will "bathe" in an ant nest because the formic acid excreted by the ants rids them of parasites. There's even a word for it - zoopharmacognosy.

    Long before recorded history, people knew what plants were helpful to treat or cure various maladies. Who knows what possessed the first human to chew on willow bark to relieve pain or reduce a fever? The earliest documentation of it was 400 BCE by Hippocrates, but it was probably common knowledge for much longer than that. The Chinese have been using various herbs to treat disease for at least 3000 years.

  • Has anyone ever had a bot on a website answer their question?
  • Every time I do a search, the bot usually provides enough info. The problem is that I don't trust the bot because it's been wrong before. So I still need to continue the search to find an authoritative answer.

    That's the problem with bots. If you trust their answers and they're wrong, it can be a real problem. There was a story a while ago about an Air Canada customer service bot that was giving out bad info about bereavement travel. When a customer tried to get the promised refund, the airline admitted the advice was wrong, but claimed the bot was a separate legal entity, therefore they were not responsible for the advice it gave.

  • How to intentionally get terminated from a job without sacrificing unemployment benefits?

    My friend is a customer service rep who is ready to retire. Her company is talking about layoffs with 13+ weeks of severance, but when she asked (anonymously) if they were accepting volunteers, they said no. In case she's not one of the ones told to clean out her desk, what are the ways she could get terminated while preserving her ability to claim unemployment (which would equal the 13 weeks of severance)?

    UPDATE: She took my advice and saw her doctor. He agreed that she's experiencing a job-related stress injury, set her up with a Disability claim, and referred her for psychiatric counseling.