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Microsoft to Copyright Pi, Found to Contain Entire Arial Font
  • Still not enough, or at least pi is not known to have this property. You need the number to be "normal" (or a slightly weaker property) which turns out to be hard to prove about most numbers.

  • OpenAI reportedly nears breakthrough with “reasoning” AI, reveals progress framework
  • It sounds like you don't understand the complexity of the game. Despite being finite, the number of possible games is extremely large.

  • asdf
  • These things are specifically not defined by the protocol. They could be. They're not, by design.

  • asdf
  • It doesn't, it just delegates the responsibility to something else, namely xdg-desktop-portal and/or your compositor. The main issue with global hotkeys is that applications can't usually set them, e.g. Discord push-to-talk, rather the compositor has to set them and the application needs to communicate with the compositor. This is fundamentally different from how it worked with X11 so naturally adoption is slow.

  • Probability rule
  • That's correct.

  • Probability rule
  • It's not correct, and your knowledge of the answers has nothing to do with my explanation.

  • Probability rule
  • None of the answers are correct. If the answer were 25%, then it couldn't be 25% because there's a 50% chance of picking it at random, which contradicts our supposition. Similarly the answer cannot be 50% because there's a 25% chance of picking it. The answer isn't 60% because there isn't a 60% chance of picking it.

  • Probability rule
  • Which is wrong, because you incorrectly assumed there was one correct answer

  • The Death of Decentralized Email
  • Bitcoin is more widely seen as a vehicle for speculation rather than a decentralized currency. Unlucky.

  • Always try sudo
  • Okay, but this makes more sense as an instance method rather than a static one

  • Always try sudo
  • Instance properties are PascalCase.

  • Always try sudo
  • Yeah, properties (like a field but with a getter and/or setter method, may or may not be backed by a field) are PascalCase

  • Always try sudo
  • That's an instance property

  • Are microservices really the future?
  • There's a spectrum between architecture/planning/design and "premature optimization." Using microservices in anticipation of a need for scaling isn't premature optimization, it's just design.

  • That book makes so much more sense now.
  • Pretty sure that movie was terrible with an awesome soundtrack

  • Zoey loves her box
  • Looks just like my old fluff did 10 years ago :)

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • It has access to a python interpreter and can use that to do math, but it shows you that this is happening, and it did not when i asked it.

    That's not what I meant.

    You have access to a dictionary, that doesn’t prove you’re incapable of spelling simple words on your own, like goddamn people what’s with the hate boners for ai around here

    ??? You just don't understand the difference between a LLM and a chat application using many different tools.

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • ChatGPT uses auxiliary models to perform certain tasks like basic math and programming. Your explanation about plausibility is simply wrong.

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • If you fine tune a LLM on math equations, odds are it won't actually learn how to reliably solve novel problems. Just the same as it won't become a subject matter expert on any topic, but it's a lot harder to write simple math that "looks, but is not, correct" than it is to waffle vaguely about a topic. The idea of a LLM creating a robust model of the semantics of the text it's trained on is, at face value, plausible; it just doesn't seem to actually happen in practice.