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Seeing the car you sold out in the wild
  • My guess is that “lost” didn’t mean completely gone or destroyed, but “totaled” aka damaged to the point it would cost more to fix than to just buy a new car. But “totaled” cars can often be sold for scrap, or sold to be repaired to the point where they are at least drivable, even if certain systems don’t work or there’s a risk of issues (like mold or electrical problems) down the road. Which is apparently what happened here.

  • Xbox Has Had More Studio Closures Than First Party Game Releases So Far In 2024
  • Hey, quite a few people bought Game Pass for a month to try out Cities: Skylines 2, because it was quite a lot cheaper than the game itself (and considering the poor state the game was released in, probably not much more than a month of replay value anyway)

  • Top post of PCMR on Reddit today XD
  • Nope, last Christmas I struggled to get Linux Mint to play a Steam game using Proton. Booting would lead to a crash, adding some flags would lead to the game being incredibly laggy. Mint had an option for proprietary drivers, but the game would crash regardless of the flags. In the end, turns out Mint was downloading the wrong drivers, and I had to manually download the correct ones from Nvidia’a website to finally get the game to work with average performance.

    It took multiple hours of troubleshooting during my one Christmas vacation of the year. Meanwhile my brother, who had an identical laptop playing the same game on Windows, ran it flawlessly with great performance.

  • Why are Stop Lines (in the US, at least) often set too far back to see any crossing traffic?
  • No, road design should be improved to make it comfortable and reasonable to follow the laws, and uncomfortable to break them. Think raised crosswalks that function as speed bumps at intersections, narrow roads to reduce speeding, that sort of thing.

  • Gaza war protesters shut down Golden Gate Bridge, block traffic in other cities
  • Too bad it also blocks bus traffic. And it’s not like the buses have an alternative route.

    Edit: in fact it’s worse for bus passengers as the Golden Gate Transit system relies heavily on timed transfers and many buses run once an hour, so even a 10 minute delay could cause bus passengers to miss their transfer and make them have to wait an hour.

  • Linux continues to be above 4% on the desktop
  • Epic is developing Hyperspace for Mac, as well as “standalone” (access Hyperspace in a web browser). Plus many hospitals use Citrix virtualization, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Linux is theoretically possible (though unlikely due to jankiness).

  • Report to the community #92 Report for the Community #92

    Greetings, dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic, and fans of our game worldwide. As we wave goodbye to the first month of the year and the winter season gradually recedes, we are all filled with anticipation for the spring and the fresh developments it will usher in for our game's community. While r...

    Report for the Community #92

    They added a hospital with built-in helicopter parking! Otherwise, a few new buildings, not too much in this one.

    I like Google Chrome

    It works with most websites, it syncs my bookmarks across computers, lets me reuse my existing Google account instead of needing to make a new one, and I really don't care about my data going to Google because I already give up my data in exchange for free services (which feels like a win-win).

    18 Report for the Community #89

    Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game worldwide. As the year draws to a close, our thoughts turn to the festive holiday season. It's been a year full of development and progress, inching us ever closer to the final release of our game. We're not there yet, but the stri...

    Report for the Community #89

    TL:DR; New large train station! Also new medium shopping centers, and updated models for the food and alcohol factories.

    Sadly no update on when the test branch will get them though.

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