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Hot take time. Super Mario Bros (1993) is a better movie than Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.
  • I used to have it on VHS, played it often as I loved it. I wonder what the movie would have been like if Disney wasn't involved (lateron).

  • This is why Driver's Ed is important.
  • While reading the wiki page because I never heard of it as I am not from the US, TIL about Nancy Grace. Holy shit…

  • What do people today act like is new, when it's already have been a thing or already been around?
  • Can confirm as fellow Dutch. Nintendo cartridges were very expensive.

  • Dr John - Mama Roux
  • That is probably it, I am on kbin social.

    It is not ok when a song is skipped over in the chain of songs.

  • Dr John - Mama Roux
  • Excuse me, Canned Heat did not show up in my feed until I posted this.

  • Connect A Song kindenough

    Dr John - Mama Roux

    Connection to Boozoo Chavis : New Orleans, Blues, Dr John known for his fascination of New Orleans voodoo culture, Mama Roux…voodoo queen.

    What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • Chicory salad with tomato, egg and home made mayo. Apart from salt and pepper those are the only ingredients.

  • AI's most notable accomplishment...
  • Bullet train to the brain

  • Connect A Song kindenough

    Goldie - Inner City Life

    Bjorks partner for a while back in the 90s

    Big booty girl meteorologists are best meteorologists
  • Tarmac can be really really hot.

  • Byron Looper - Obsessed with his political career, he legally changed his middle name to "(Low Tax)" and murdered his election opponent
  • Wuch…I hear you….the “slammed, blasted, murdered, nuked, destroyed” in the headlines when some person has a civilized worded counter opinion to whatever somebody else said for instance.

    We need outrage, every night and day, every minute and second we need to be engaged. It is war people…

    …on our mental health really.

  • neem me niet kwalijk
  • Excuseer mij voor het reageren op deze post.

  • Do your sleep dreams include mobile phones?
  • Yes and they are always broken. I can never contact anyone.

  • If I wanted to, hypothetically, guarentee that I shit my pants 2 to 6 hours from now, how should I do it?
  • Heh, a worldwide known fact. I am Dutch but when I read 'shit + pants' the answer always be that crusty pants mf.

  • Dog
  • Wag it, dog.

  • Queen - Under Pressure (1981)
  • Max Schreck was a creepy mf in Nosferatu (1922)....childhood boogyman. They did the other Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski here in the Netherlands in Delft.

  • Music kindenough

    Candyman · Siouxsie And The Banshees

    From the album Tinderbox. John Valentine Carruthers on guitar, legendary guitar riff to me, obscure fellow, not much known in music apart from being a part of Siouxsie for three albums.

    Belgium's King Leopold II as a rubber snake
  • Where is my hand? Where did I leave it?

  • This Jerk Parks His Cybertruck in an SF Crosswalk Every Day
  • It will erode in just a few days...give it some water.

  • 9 years later, I finally played fallout 4
  • I put in 1300 hrs into fo4 just for the settlement building. With mods though.

    "I heard people complaining about the bed situation...." NPC carrieing a bedroll on her back.

  • Connect A Song kindenough

    Frank Zappa - City Of Tiny Lites

    Adrian Belew my mind....

    80's Music kindenough

    Wally Badarou ‎- Mambo

    Wally occasionally being the 5th member of Level 42, this track sampled by Massive Attack...Daydreaming

    Electronic Music kindenough

    Plaid - Dancers

    Lets do another Plaid one...I think they awesome.

    Connect A Song kindenough

    King Crimson - Elephant Talk

    What a words worth? Late response but we are a week later.

    Connect A Song kindenough

    Lochi - London Acid City (Original Mix)

    I am a retired DJ/recording artist (tinnitus) and would have this in my set when I go for a RouteMasters / Stay Up Forever / Smitten / Noom records kinda set back in the days. Chris Liberator, Commander Tom et cetera, awesome time. I love all kinds of music but heavy into this as well.

    Connect A Song kindenough

    The Stone Roses, Fools Gold Live at Heaton Park. Made of Stone DVD.

    Had to take this (New Order) through Martin Hannett. (Garage flower)

    Fools Gold live at Heaton Park, Manchester.

    Connect A Song kindenough

    Buena Vista Social Club - El Cuarto De Tula

    Well shits on fire...

    Connect A Song kindenough

    Burnin Down The House - Talking Heads

    Bernie Worrel brought the P-funk to Talking Heads

    Connect A Song kindenough

    Urban Dance Squad - Prayer for my demo

    We Dutch know where RATM got some of their inspiration from.

    UDS- Mental Floss For The Globe

    Connect A Song kindenough

    Dumb All Over

    Larry says it is all ok, Larry says this is the way

    Connect A Song kindenough

    Busta tribe

    Here we go yo

    Music kindenough

    Bruce Cockburn - If I had a rocket launcher (2 meter sessies)

    A great acoustic version recorded I think back in the late 80s (Dutch 2 meter sessies), lyrics still relevant today

    90's Music kindenough

    Galliano - Golden Flower

    A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator is the second album by United Kingdom acid jazz group Galliano. It was released on Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud record label on 8 June 1992

    Electronic Music kindenough

    Plaid - CLOCK (2016 Warp Records)


    Urban Dance Squad "Say a little Prayer for my Demo" N.Y.C.

    Inspiration to many, including RATM. Video for "Prayer" by Rogier v.d. Ploeg. Song by UDS. From the album Mental floss for the globe 1989.