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Seeing this stuff makes me physically sick tbh
  • I agree. But I think it behoves people protesting against Israel to be very clear on that point and using the star of David and phrases like "the final solution" is the very opposite of that. To me, that looks pretty antisemitic. I say that as an atheist who detests the actions of the Israeli state and who has been pro Palestinian for decades. Bottom line, hatred of any group is appalling and people need to be clear that's not what they're doing

  • The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • Thank you so much for the link, I really appreciate it. I guess what counts as a coup had changed over the years. Biden is obviously plotting a coup in Israel, I guess, since he's suggested that bibi would be better gone

  • Seeing this stuff makes me physically sick tbh
  • The star of David makes the posters ambiguous they could refer to either Israel or Jews. The grafitti in the images is explicitly antisemitic. Splitting hairs over this is pretty gross imo. I don't like crticiism of Israel being called antisemitic, but that doesn't make antisemitism suddenly ok

  • What happened with Starfield?
  • In short, it's shit. Way below usual Bethesda quality. Their engine is patently not up to the task of representing their game ideas. It's a pity because there is some good stuff there. But not the main quest. It's genuinely awful. I gave up the game when I discovered what the main quest was, it's that stupid