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Live bullet found in prop holster of actor Jensen Ackles on ‘Rust’ set, crime scene technician testifies
  • I think it's relevant whether he observed unsafe practices on set. It sounds like the whole thing was kind of a shit show. Plus the investigation concluded that the gun could not have fired without him pulling the trigger. Pointing a gun at someone and firing when you have reason to believe that proper safety precautions haven't been followed is exactly the sort of thing that might end up with an involuntary manslaughter charge. I dunno if he gets convicted but I don't think the charges are crazy.

  • Xbox Game Pass is getting MAJOR changes, with a new tier without day one games, and a range of price increases
  • Does that include xbox gamepass core customers? Because that's basically an entirely different service, and it's also something you'd expect a very high adoption rate of among Xbox console owners, given the platform's historical emphasis on multiplayer games. There's also rather a lot of people who stacked many months of gamepass for quite cheap.

    While the platform has certainly seen some success, it's hardly in a dominant position, so making moves that make the value proposition of the service look worse is surprising.

  • I can recall employers saying something along the lines of "don't think you know everything about business because you just got a business degree" but that's mostly about the attitude some new grads have.

  • Nearly half of Gen Zers get help from the bank of mom and dad, report finds
  • This seems kind of meaningless without comparisons to other generations at the same age. And whether this is unusual or not seems to also depend a lot on socioeconomic class...I don't think it's very unusual for well-to-do parents to give some amount of money to young adult children? Actually aren't a lot of gen Z still in high school? If anything I'm surprised so many millennial parents have extra money to give.

  • False Dichotomy Rule
  • I wouldn't go to one of their shows (it's not really the same band anymore, anyway), but if you stop listening to every band where a member is a piece of shit you're going to miss a lot of really good music.

  • Is there a way to hide the button bar while typing responses?

    I can't see what I'm typing in landscape orientation. I type in landscape 100% of the time.

    0 Jack Dorsey claims Bluesky is 'repeating all the mistakes' he made at Twitter

    Just in case there was any doubt about how Jack Dorsey really feels about Bluesky, the former Twitter CEO has offered new details on why he left the board and deleted his account.

    Jack Dorsey claims Bluesky is 'repeating all the mistakes' he made at Twitter

    Does not make me sad he's gone, tbh.


    Any fast way to block a user's whole instance?

    Been noticing a spammer who set up their own instance and can't see a fast way to just block the whole instance, either from the user menu, or from navigating to the instance. I may just be missing it.


    Is there any way to not show posts from NSFW communities?

    I'm wondering if I'm just missing how to do this. I don't want to see posts from porn communities when I'm browsing sync in public. I'm OK with blurred NSFW posts from communities which are not marked NSFW. I would really prefer not to have to filter out every single one manually.


    key chain?

    Any recs on a BIFL key chain? Those rings always get bent over time, looking for something sturdy. Might just be a flaw in the design because if you can bend it enough to get a key on, you can probably bend it out of shape over time.