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Just A Light Dessert Rule
  • That's the caveat right here. Most people who eat this aren't generally eating well to begin with. A lot of Americans are gonna eat a double cheeseburger and fries with a soda which can clock up to 1600 calories, then go to Baskin Robbins for dessert and have this. That's why it's entirely possible for Americans to have 5k calories in a day because that's only 1 meal and a dessert.

  • pissposting
  • This is just me, I know, but it bothers me that they went through the trouble to copy the P and the SS, but didn't do that for the first letter I, so it looks like "P|SSIMIST".

  • More like zombie language
  • I get that in pop culture, Latin sounds mysterious and ancient, but demons were ancient by the time folks were speaking Latin. It sounds like I'm nitpicking, but my point is that it's kinda funny when you think about it.

    The whole concept that demons speak Latin implies that Hell universally chose to learn a new human language between around 600 BC and 700 AD only spoken in Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, (completely ignoring every other civilization on Earth), and that also implies that, despite somehow successfully becoming almost universally fluent and literate in Latin, Hell couldn't be bothered to pick up another textbook for the following 1300 and some-odd years till today.

  • Why does it feel like too much effort just to go from sitting around looking at garbage online to simply watching a film or playing a video game?
  • ADHD. A lot of people might say depression, and ADHD gets misdiagnosed this way too, especially because people are much more familiar with the way depression manifests rather than how ADHD actually manifests beyond stereotypical hyperactivity and difficulty focusing.

    What you're describing is executive dysfunction and energy regulation problems. The reason you can't stop scrolling is because your brain doesn't produce dopamine enough, and it's only used to the short bursts it can produce. This creates a feedback loop where you're stuck stimulating yourself with quick, easy dopamine hits, and that's why anything that seems like a prolonged task feels like an impossible endeavor. It's also why you'll get tunnel vision if you ever do start playing that game.

  • Wizards casting in TTRPGs


    My tummy hurts from eating too much ice cream.

    I'm also lactose intolerant, but the devil doesn't sleep just cause I stopped fightin' him.


    I've noticed that my brain's default friends activity is "go hang at a bar".

    99% of my ideas for what to do with friends have to do with "we hang, but at a bar".

    I've started to consider suggesting aquarium trips, outdoor movie nights, etc, but then I decided it might be nice to chit chat about it with y'all because I wanna hear what y'all like. Especially things you didn't expect to be as pleasant as they were but became a regular thing.


    a story in two parts


    TIL the applause in Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" was taken from a Jimi Hendrix performance and "fake-lived" by the audio engineers. Elton John – Bennie And The Jets (1974)

    After recording the song in the studio, John and the band worried that it was too plain and unoriginal. In the Eagle Vision documentary on the making of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” Joh…

    Elton John – Bennie And The Jets (1974)