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  • "Wachstum des Wachstums wegen ist die Ideologie der Krebszelle" - Edward Abbey

  • UN court orders Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories
  • How

    legit, how?

    Gaza is so full of people that Israel will always screech about human shields while flattening hospitals, but what should Palestinian resistance fighters do? Leave Gaza, and meet Israel on an open field? That won't end well

  • EDitor wars
  • I've really been enjoying Helix, which took a lot of inspiration (including key binds, mostly) from Kakoune. It's just missing a plugin system to be perfect, but built in LSP support is soo nice

  • ich🐟iel
  • Du wirst es nicht glauben...


  • Virgin "It's literally cheaper to keep repairing it" vs. Chad "I don't care how 'overengineered' you say this is, the budget is coming from the Emperor himself"
  • Nice story, but no. The answer is cars. Trucks, too. A nice roman road would've been unusable after a few decades if they ran thousands of multi-ton vehicles over it every day. Road wear scales with the square of the weight, so a car that's twice as heavy will have 4x the wear. 10x the weight, 100x the wear.

  • ich_iel
  • Frieden durch Kapitalismus

    [X] Zweifel

  • anxiety rules
  • "ze" is more like "the", no? I've seen "dey" been used sometimes, but it's not common at all

  • Probability rule
  • "At random" does not necessarily mean "uniformly distributed", so any could be right

    but that's no fun

  • ich_iel
  • Ich find Helm beim Radfahren auch sinnvoll und trage tendenziell auch immer Helm, aber es ist nun mal leider so, dass die meisten tödlichen Unfälle von Radfahrys nur durch/mit Autofahrys passieren. Bei selbstverursachten Unfällen sind Kopfverletzungen seltener und Unfälle fast nie tödlich, insbesondere bei eher unsportlichen Stadtradlys, die selten mit mehr als 20km/h unterwegs sind

  • Fired Rule
  • Yes, mainly. That's also the reasons why you get silhouettes of people and objects cast on concrete

    The radiation is so hot that it absolutely wrecks the surface, vaporizing or charring paint and skin near the epicenter, and causing burns and blindness further out, but so short that the heat doesn't even have time to heat up the air to any meaningful amount, outside of the blast radius itself.

  • Fired Rule
  • For third degree burns from thermal radiation you need line of sight to the explosion. Since basically all strategic nukes are airbursts, that means if you can see the sky, you're fucked. But a sufficiently thick wall or a basement would probably spare you the worst of it

  • Storm Linux 2000, 1999
  • I mostly use it because it looks nice, but I've found that with limited screen space, they're actually really useful! I can have the man pages or a stack exchange open in the background, and don't need to constantly switch back and forth

  • Classic paladin
  • Ohfrika

  • Playlist rule
  • you're welcome c:

  • tramporule
  • Oh I remember this sort of thing from Instagram, where the joke is a very different one

  • Playlist rule
  • just fyi, you linked to a user profile (that doesn't exist), not a community. To link a community you can use bangs: [email protected]

  • Classic paladin
  • That'd be pronounced like Ehfrika

  • egg_irl [Transfem meme]
  • "why do I relate more to lesbians than to straight guys"



  • Lemmy banned them too

  • Änderung des Geschlechtseintrags wird einfacher - Bundestag stimmt für Selbstbestimmungsgesetz der Ampel

    Endlich. Nach vielen Jahren ist das TSG nun Geschichte.


    Heyo! I'm Lilith :3

    Hiii gay people in my phone! Decided to introduce myself here, since I really like the place so far :3

    So, nice to meet you, I'm Lilith ^^

    I'm 21 and live in Germany. A few months ago my egg cracked, so I use she/her now. At the moment I study physics, but I'm also interested in IT (and cyber security, but I know way less about that than I'd like to), politics and TTRPGs. So far, so cookie-cutter trans girl, right?

    Well, the revolution will be won in thigh highs, and if the quickest way to get those is to install Arch, who am I to complain. I initially found this instance through !c/196, since I've been lurking on r/196 for a few years now (and breaking the rule numerous times >:3), but I deleted my r\*ddit account a good bit ago, and never looked back. I've since discovered the fediverse, and I really like how quaint it is here. Being able to catch up on all posts, and quickly recognizing users is really cool!

    Some other random facts about me:

    • I've recently got into freediving and just broke four minutes :D
    • I'm biromantic, but still figuring out where I sit on the ace/bi spectrum
    • I've been doing some organizing and direct action for climate protests for years now, and got arrested by the cops a few times
    • In my activism I decided to go vegan, but since then it's not about the climate anymore, I just like animals too much <3
    • Lilith isn't actually my name, but I don't want everyone on the internet know my real name :P

    Happy to be here, and I'm looking forward to that will become of this place. Decentralized internet is here to stay!


    using Vicious Mockery to break concentration

    call that Diss Spell Magic




    came out today, so you could say I'm now




    finally got a second monitor :3


    Hey girls! Baby trans here with some questions about body hair

    So, my egg finally cracked a few weeks ago. And while generally dysphoria isn't terrible for me at the moment, one thing that is really making me uncomfortable is my body hair. I've always been pretty hairy, so I bought an epilator a while ago, and while I'm really happy with it for my legs (smooth legs are aweeesome!), I'm having a hard time on my belly and chest. There's just so much and it regrows so quickly, and with how sensitive these areas are, I'm having a hard time keeping up.

    Do you have any other tips or ideas, or do I just have to power through? I've heard it gets better if you do it often, but I can't feel much of a difference yet

    And how are your experiences with body hair on HRT? I'm not on E yet, but would you say it gets better?

    Thanks :3


    murder rule


    rule :3


    rule <3