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Max Speed Limit by State
  • I can assure you, that while it says 70-75 on the signs in Cali, the speed is generally 80-95 lest one would obstruct traffic. Generally speaking, obstruction of traffic (driving too slow compared to the speed of surrounding motorists in this context) is much more against the law than going slightly over under most circumstances.

  • Dangerous heatwave hits US from Texas to California with grim records expected
  • 110 is hot but I feel like for TX/AZ/CA is not like... freakishly hot. Way back like 10? years ago we (CA) had a random summer that was like maybe 112 on the worst days? Even 100°+ days in summer hasn't been uncommon for a long time. I get that it's bad because global warming is happening but also they're all pretty well equipped to handle heat, it's just the fires that fuck shit up.

  • Recompilation: An Incredible New Way to Keep N64 Games Alive
  • I feel both ways I think. Video walkthroughs are awesome when they're put together well, I also think written guides with good visuals are also awesome too. But because basically all the video guides suffer from YTs shitty algorithms, it forces the stupid "WoAeW U wonNt BeliVe ThiS?!?!" title bullshit and floods out better guides trying to "get in on" a trend in a game, etc. It's a mixed bag like everything else in life, but fuck it is just super frustrating sifting through 4-7m videos of something that could have just been written down.

  • Recompilation: An Incredible New Way to Keep N64 Games Alive
  • I've caught myself thinking this a lot, game guides, reviews, everything was so much easier digging around in when it was written. Now we have to sit and fuck around with timestamps and waste time instead of just ctrl + f what I need.