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Why use apple music over spotify?
  • I am going to do a bit of transitive properties here. - Talking about family = family plan to me.

    So for both services we are talking 6 devices streaming their own accounts for $20 a month.

    At the point in our argument there is no huge difference between the two to be honest. Same price for the same services for Music. They both provide good audio and playlist function. (lossless audio on normal speakers and car speakers doesn't do much unless we are talking about $$$ cars/home audio and at that point this conversation isn't happening)

    The big difference for me is that we have apple mobile devices. (I tried Android some time ago but didn't like that each company had their own skin and updates depended on how each company felt at the time. The nexus I had was great and was straight from google no extra crap but even that had a 2-3 year span though so no different than Apple for me at the time)

    With Apple one (6 devices for apple music), every family member gets Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple arcade. For me this put it over the fence. Kids get more games I don't have to pay for and we get an extra streaming service I don't have to pay extra for won it for me.

    Essentially extra value won it for me. Not just the music service.

  • Dorritos uses entirely TOO MUCH flavor seasoning.
  • It’s funny that this falls under the unpopular opinion area. Specifically since the original Doritos were nowhere near this spiced and/or coated. I’m not even that old and remember as a child the white top bag. “Nacho” if I recall for my area. It was the perfect amount but instead of covering the family they went with maxing out the kids in terms of flavor.

    Edit: I am with on this one. Forgot to mention that.

  • Redheads Endure Pain Better Than Others, Research Reveals
  • HEY! I resemble that comment.

    All jokes aside, the anecdote I provide is that I had walked on a broken foot for a week before I was informed it was broken. (it was my ankle.)

    In my adult life I dealt with two broken bones in my foot for 8 years thinking it was just an annoyance and kept “cracking” my toe essentially breaking the bones all over again as they were healing.

    It seems to be true from my perspective. Ohh, I also woke up in the middle of my wisdoms teethe being taken out. They had to up the sleeping dose.

  • This is high key her fault...
  • Not a single reasonable person said this. The tweet is totally about how she was freaking terrible at campaigning.

    You sound like a person who either didn’t go vote or voted for the guy who cheated on his wife with a porn star while his wife was at home with the newborn.

  • [USA] Appeals court rules that cops can physically make you unlock your phone
  • That’s a fair point, I don’t want my info given to every private company out there. However the idea of the biometrics (if you take it at face value [no pun intended]) is that the biometrics are stored on the chip in your device. Then the password or authorization is then granted based on approval from that.

    It’s not like you can grab another phone and try to log into said service with your biometrics.

  • [USA] Appeals court rules that cops can physically make you unlock your phone
  • Not sure about Android but IOS you can actually use FaceID for all the things you want like password managers, log into PayPal, and other biometric features but have it disabled to unlock the phone. It’s what I do, you don’t need to spam anything. Just use a pin to unlock.

  • GOG will let you bequeath your game library to someone else as long as you can prove you're actually dead
  • A last will and testament is a legal document if actually executed properly that would cover this. This is all they are talking about. Either that or if no will exists then a court order that shows “said person” gets the inheritance and your GOG account.

  • Records expunged for St. Louis couple who waved guns at protesters. They want their guns back
  • Even with a “clean” record they still shouldn’t get their guns back. Ignoring all second amendment arguments just look at how they are holding their guns in the main picture. They are in no way trained or even given half assed knowledge in how to hold a fire arm.