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A young parent still learning, please teach your kids
  • I cannot recommend basic yoga enough for wonky balance.

    I have terrible proprioception, i run into corners and bump my shoulders constantly (even though im a smallish person and it makes no sense). Yoga made it easier to close my eyes in the shower, catch my balance, not sprain my joints, so much within a few months from like, 20 min twice a week. Free youtube videos. I've saved myself from serious injury more than once.

  • ‘Too many old people’: A rural Pa. town reckons with population loss
  • Were about to move to a smaller but more queer friendly town for this exact reason. My city seems indifferent at best, and I'd like to live somewhere that actually likes us.

    We're DINKs, we pay taxes, were good neighbors pretty much any way you look at it, but were visibly queer & barely feel tolerated here.

  • Nearly 80% of Americans now view fast food as a luxury
  • It barely tastes like food to me anymore!

    I dont eat much meat, but i still like a good crispy chicken sandwich- now that costs $12, is so brined and salty i get kinda grossed out, and has 3 gristley bits i have to spit into a napkin. And i sweat grease and stink for a day.

  • I could see benefits and drawbacks
  • I am currently in this actual situation!

    It has been wild getting here, but i am married, and dating my wife's girlfriend. We're all grown, functional adults in our 30's, too!

    It is delightful, and does make me feel like im a character in some really good smut, no lie. I am lucky. And happy.