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When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I think what they reference is that it is free to upgrade. You could upgrade 7 to 10 and 10 to 11 for free, used to be you have to buy a new one. Now you have one time entry fee to the ecosysyem and then they keep you (though they sidestepped this with some system requirements for Win 11 now)

  • Albion Online | The Journal
  • It is very dificult to get into tbh (though this feature should make it easier).

    All in all, it's a good game, though very specific amd very niche - all about PvP and player driven economy. I enjoy it, but never for too long. To really enjoy it it is good to have a group of friends or otherwise be part of a guild you jive with (something I never quite did). There is stuff you can do on your own, but the fun you can get out of it this way is limited.

    I play it for a month or two once in a while and then fall off. Ultimately it's not a game for me, though I'd kinda like it to be.

  • Albion Online | The Journal
  • Sounds like a glorified achievement system, but Albion really needs something a feature to guide new players after tutorial and give players not in a guild (or when guild is not active) something to aim for - and this seems to be it.

  • Albion Online | The Journal


    Ralph Koster's studio announces a new scifi-fantasy MMORPG, Stars Reach, focused on simulation, world interaction and horizontal progression

    More details in a MOP article here

    2 Blue Protocol developers talk about what went wrong with the MMORPG

    The core developer team of Bandai Namco Online's MMORPG Blue Protocol talk about the game's issues and what they're doing about them.

    Blue Protocol developers talk about what went wrong with the MMORPG

    Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds announced!


    Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds announced!


    How to ease up the return to GW2

    I thought I'd try GW2 after years of not playing (last I played was PoE era, bounced off fully before Icebrood saga) and finally managed to get into it!

    I used to live and breath this game and while I was not what you'd call "hardcore" player, I knew about everything going on. Now I'm totally in the black which is weird. I try not to get it to me, I just play through the Icebrood saga story now and try my best not to open inventory and achievement tabs etc to not get discouraged. GW2 was always a bit convoluted, but with so much added in the meantime, it's much.

    How do you deal with this? What would be your recommendations for me to "ease into it"? What should I engage after getting my groove back in the story? How to dip my toes slowly into buildcrafting? What new systems should I check out?

    Bonus question: would you expect the xpacs to go on sale anytime soon? Next one should be around the corner by now, no?


    Albion Online European Servers announced

    I know many people were waiying for this so thought I'd share.

    I don't play Albion much, fresh start might be interesting but not keen on regrinding stuff... How about you?

    Paganism illi

    Any good recommendations for books (or other sources) on pagan traditions and beliefs?

    I'd br interested in what you'd consider a good book (or other sources) on various pagan beliefs and traditions that you would recommend.

    I'm personally interested in European pagan traditions - be it Norse, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic (bonus points for Slavic!) - but would love to leave the topic open to others as well, just to make it interesting for people with different intrests.


    Can someone ELI5 for me how Piped works?

    So I mostly transitioned to Piped and ever since I was wondering how it works. I read up on it and while I get what it says, I still don't feel like I really understand...


    Does watching on Piped count views and such?

    So I considering switching to Piped, but I'm wondering if the views (or other metrics) are counted on Youtube itself. I don't like the idea I'm kinda "robbing" the content creators I enjoy...

    I think I know the answer but would like to know for sure.


    Anyone has the famous reddit story with the immortal snail?

    There was this legendary comment on reddit to a thread asking people what would their plan be if they were immortal and got milion dollars, but there was a superintelligent immortal snail also with milion dollars who would want to kill them. I was trying to find it but as far as I can tell OP removed it. Does anyone here have it and could post it here by any chance?


    Wayfinder Early Acces launch delayed to 17th August


    Any alternatives to Google Photos?

    I'm starting my degoogling journey (mostly looking into the various options at hand) and I was wondering what hood alternatives to Goohle Photos is there? I'm specifically wondering about a service that would double both as a cloud storage and a gallery with a timeline and such. But currently it's only cloud storage backup (or Instagtam-likes, which is bot something I want) as far as I can tell?


    Elder Scrolls Online free on Epic until 27.7.


    Wayfinder Early Access Showcase Twitch

    Twitch is an interactive livestreaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. There’s something for everyone on Twitch.


    Anybody else unreasonably excited for this one?

    Looks like a really fun MMO-lite with potential and plans to lean more heavily into MMO elements. Pretty much looks like fantasy Warframe with cream on top. Monetization looks fair as it is published by the same guys that did Warframe and I think they have a good reputation for how they do their monetization.

    No wipe after EA ends so this is pretty much early launch, though it will eventually be F2P after official launch.

    Actual showcase starts at around 00:30 mark.


    Palia Gameplay First Look Palia | Official Gameplay First Look

    Join us for a first look at Palia gameplay featuring host Trisha Hershberger, Game Director Aidan Karabaich, Lead Narrative Designer Olivia Frias, Lead Produ...

    Palia | Official Gameplay First Look

    Didn't watch it all yet, but looks like Fantasy Sims MMO. Thoughts? Anybody excited? Doesn't seem like my cup of tea, butlooks interesting enough for me to at least try it.


    How safe is open source software? What are the general benefits?

    So with open source software more on my mind lately I was wondering - while I get the benefits of transparency and such, how safe is it? If the source code is available to all, isn't it easier to breach for people (like the recent cookies hack)? If I'd have an open source password manager, would it be easier for people to get my passwords somehow than if I use something not open source? Do I just not understand how software works in general?

    And what are other benefits that may be not so obvious to someone not so knowledgable about this?

    Edit: thank you all for really insightful answers! Among other things I also learned just how much I don't know :)


    Issue with subscriptions

    I'm having some issues with subscription list view when it wouldn't load for me at all moat of the time, I got "null check operator used on null check value" message with a reload option that doesn't do anything? Anybody else having this issue? Any way to fix? I have two accounts logged in if that makes any difference.