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Severance — Season 2 Date Announcement | Apple TV+
  • eh I mean sure the books have centuries of gaps in them so you know the director has some right to flexibility. But come on...

  • A collection of metal and stone Incan mace heads
  • they sure did experiment alot

  • You won't believe what happened next....
  • Emperors hate this one trick to evade decapitation

  • Always try sudo
  • "5%1 "

  • Adobe and I have a symbiotic relationship
  • pictures you can hear

  • He did it all rule
  • presses answer button

    Yes, four thousand.

  • He did it all rule
  • Came here to say "Dude has a metal album"

  • "Hey Google, Turn my balls off"
  • wait till this comes with a monthly subscription

  • Two-year-old becomes sixth child to die in a hot car so far this year
  • this was one long article but did read it. I have to confess my mental model was mainly a continued neglect and "the kid will be fine in the car alone for five minutes" and then forgetting the kid kind of situations. But a memory lapse without intentional leaving is apparently quite possible.

    “I was that guy, before. I’d read the stories, and I’d go, ‘What were those parents thinking?’ “

    Yea I am this guy, luckily I am not planning to make kids so I hopefully will never have to find myself in his shoes (and can keep making blatant generalizations :p)

  • Metal elitism rule
  • I have been listening to metal basically half my life (15+ years) but can barely name artists or song names let alone remember lyrics. my memory truly sucks (also does not help that most are not in my native language).

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • Most optimization problems can trivially be turned >into a statistics problem.

    Sure if you mean turning your error function into some sort of likelihood by employing probability distributions that relate to your error function.

    But that is only the beginning. Apart from maybe Bayesian neural networks, I haven't seen much if any work on stuff like confidence intervals for your weights or prediction intervals for the response (that being said I am only a casual follower on this topic).

  • Btw, I don't use Arch
  • what about rogue-likes on insane? people falling from the cliff sure looks like that to me

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • well numerical models have to come up with some model that explains how relevant observables behave. With AI you don't even build the model that explains the system physically and mathematically, let alone the solution.

    It is basically like having Newton's Equations vs an AI that produces coordinates with respect to time (and possibly many other inputs we thought were relevant but weren't because we don't know the model) given initial conditions and force fields.

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • I wouldn't say it is statistics, statistics is much more precise in its calculation of uncertanties. AI depends more on calculus, or automated differentiation, which is also cool but not statistics.

  • Satanists to volunteer in Florida schools in protest at DeSantis religious bill
  • definitely not a very good article opener then

  • The "Don't vote" crowd seems to have an agenda
  • They almost always do. Don't vote campaigns works on only non-fanatics and they are usually the more sensible compared to fanatics so yea

  • end your free trial
  • I remember being shocked when I saw for the first time a default subscription method was "recurring unless cancelled". It seemed mad at the time lol...