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A Crazy Story With Electric

  • Well, thank you for the informational rundown. So far as I can tell the “how” of a “progressive” or “leftist” political change boils down to:

    • learn about worker oppression
    • join a socialist organization
    • seize the means of production / seize weapons
    • implement revolution

    Is that the right takeaway?

    I think I’m going to stick with the American democratic process of voting for leaders, but it sounds interesting if a little undefined.

  • A Tumblr User Talks Crowdstrike


    >idk if people on tumblr know about this but a cybersecurity software called crowdstrike just did what is probably the single biggest fuck up in any sector in the past 10 years. it's monumentally bad. literally the most horror-inducing nightmare scenario for a tech company. > >some info, crowdstrike is essentially an antivirus software for enterprises. which means normal laypeople cant really get it, they're for businesses and organisations and important stuff. > >so, on a friday evening (it of course wasnt friday everywhere but it was friday evening in oceania which is where it first started causing damage due to europe and na being asleep), crowdstrike pushed out an update to their windows users that caused a bug. > >before i get into what the bug is, know that friday evening is the worst possible time to do this because people are going home. the weekend is starting. offices dont have people in them. this is just one of many perfectly placed failures in the rube goldburg machine of crowdstrike. there's a reason friday is called 'dont push to live friday' or more to the point 'dont fuck it up friday' > >so, at 3pm at friday, an update comes rolling into crowdstrike users which is automatically implemented. this update immediately causes the computer to blue screen of death. very very bad. but it's not simply a 'you need to restart' crash, because the computer then gets stuck into a boot loop. > >this is the worst possible thing because, in a boot loop state, a computer is never really able to get to a point where it can do anything. like download a fix. so there is nothing crowdstrike can do to remedy this death update anymore. it is now left to the end users. > >it was pretty quickly identified what the problem was. you had to boot it in safe mode, and a very small file needed to be deleted. or you could just rename crowdstrike to something else so windows never attempts to use it. > >it's a fairly easy fix in the grand scheme of things, but the issue is that it is effecting enterprises. which can have a looooot of computers. in many different locations. so an IT person would need to manually fix hundreds of computers, sometimes in whole other cities and perhaps even other countries if theyre big enough. > >another fuck up crowdstrike did was they did not stagger the update, so they could catch any mistakes before they wrecked havoc. (and also how how HOW do you not catch this before deploying it. this isn't a code oopsie this is a complete failure of quality ensurance that probably permeates the whole company to not realise their update was an instant kill). they rolled it out to everyone of their clients in the world at the same time. > >and this seems pretty hilarious on the surface. i was havin a good chuckle as eftpos went down in the store i was working at, chaos was definitely ensuring lmao. im in aus, and banking was literally down nationwide. > >but then you start hearing about the entire country's planes being grounded because the airport's computers are bricked. and hospitals having no computers anymore. emergency call centres crashing. and you realised that, wow. crowdstrike just killed people probably. this is literally the worst thing possible for a company like this to do. > >crowdstrike was kinda on the come up too, they were starting to become a big name in the tech world as a new face. but that has definitely vanished now. to fuck up at this many places, is almost extremely impressive. its hard to even think of a comparable fuckup. > >a friday evening simultaneous rollout boot loop is a phrase that haunts IT people in their darkest hours. it's the monster that drags people down into the swamp. it's the big bag in the horror movie. it's the end of the road. and for crowdstrike, that reaper of souls just knocked on their doorstep.

    Vintage and Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. Optional

    The Jordache Look

    Political Memes Optional

    Ask Your Jesus Doctor

    Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters announces guidelines for Bible usage.
  • Only for those children who have been Washed In The Blood™ of the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their one true savior.

    Heathen children, blasphemers, and oh yes the Jews will be consigned to the pit of hellfire to anguish in torment for all eternity. As the Bible clearly teaches. Probably.

  • CDC: Listeria Outbreak Linked to Meats Sliced at Delis
  • Yes I can see. Thank you for the practical (well, mostly) answers. I agree with a lot of them, and as it happens many are part of the “Democratic march to fascism” as our other “progressive”,”leftist” commenters would have it.

    As a leftist who understands we have to work with what we have, I’d suggest you’re also under constant disparagement from “progressives” and “the left”. After all, you support our march to fascism, you see.

  • Title
  • The solution leftists offer is to organise the working class against its oppressors.

    Right, right, but - how?

    I’m assuming from your spelling of organize that you’re not American? What I mean is - what is the “leftist” plan for America - how would it practically work?

    So far all I see is a lot of hand-waving. Yes, yes, and then what? You must know that what you’ve written is just barely outside the realm of theory. How. Will we change our supposed “Democratic march to fascism” exactly? What happens to make that so?

  • A six-month investigation reveals that many carbon credit ventures reap profits from public lands they have no right to and fail to share revenue with those protecting the forest.

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    > This is an interactive piece not well captured by archive sites. Access is free with registration for the next 14 days

  • Well, I consider “liberals” and “Democrats” to be pretty clear and on the record as to what changes they would make. They have position papers and - things, if one is so inclined to wonk it up.

    But if self-described “progressives” and “leftists” are saying they’re so corrupt, they’re leading us down the road to being locked in an iron coffin with spikes on the inside - well, okay, what’s the “progressive”, “left” road like, then?

    Here’s why: explain how your political process can flourish. It’s not like politics is a recent invention - so-called “progressives” or “leftists” must have something in mind, what is it?

    What I expect is either complete silence, or something wildly unlikely. But - open to the idea: what is it, how does it work, what are the risks?

  • Sure you are, buddy
  • Yeah I get it, as someone living in America, fair enough, you shouldn’t have to qualify it.

    It’s not a great solution. There’s just no way to tell and after getting into minutiae with people, who don’t live here and can’t vote, enough times, it seems like we could avoid some miscommunication that way.

  • Political Memes Optional

    $45 Million Per Month, As One Does

    Political Memes Optional

    Joe Biden at the White House Today

    Political Memes Optional

    There's Always A Simpsons


    Barack Obama's Statement on President Biden's Announcement

    Joe Biden has been one of America’s most consequential presidents, as well as a dear friend and partner to me. Today, we’ve also been reminded — again — that he’s a patriot of the highest order.

    Sixteen years ago, when I began my search for a vice president, I knew about Joe’s remarkable career in public service. But what I came to admire even more was his character — his deep empathy and hard-earned resilience; his fundamental decency and belief that everyone counts.

    Since taking office, President Biden has displayed that character again and again. He helped end the pandemic, created millions of jobs, lowered the cost of prescription drugs, passed the first major piece of gun safety legislation in 30 years, made the biggest investment to address climate change in history, and fought to ensure the rights of working people to organize for fair wages and benefits. Internationally, he restored America’s standing in the world, revitalized NATO, and mobilized the world to stand up against Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    More than that, President Biden pointed us away from the four years of chaos, falsehood, and division that had characterized Donald Trump’s administration. Through his policies and his example, Joe has reminded us of who we are at our best — a country committed to old-fashioned values like trust and honesty, kindness and hard work; a country that believes in democracy, rule of law, and accountability; a country that insists that everyone, no matter who they are, has a voice and deserves a chance at a better life.

    This outstanding track record gave President Biden every right to run for re-election and finish the job he started. Joe understands better than anyone the stakes in this election — how everything he has fought for throughout his life, and everything that the Democratic Party stands for, will be at risk if we allow Donald Trump back in the White House and give Republicans control of Congress.

    I also know Joe has never backed down from a fight. For him to look at the political landscape and decide that he should pass the torch to a new nominee is surely one of the toughest in his life. But I know he wouldn’t make this decision unless he believed it was right for America. It’s a testament to Joe Biden’s love of country — and a historic example of a genuine public servant once again putting the interests of the American people ahead of his own that future generations of leaders will do well to follow.

    We will be navigating uncharted waters in the days ahead. But I have extraordinary confidence that the leaders of our party will be able to create a process from which an outstanding nominee emerges. I believe that Joe Biden’s vision of a generous, prosperous, and united America that provides opportunity for everyone will be on full display at the Democratic Convention in August. And I expect that every single one of us are prepared to carry that message of hope and progress forward into November and beyond.

    For now, Michelle and I just want to express our love and gratitude to Joe and Jill for leading us so ably and courageously during these perilous times — and for their commitment to the ideals of freedom and equality that this country was founded on.

    101 Adam Kinzinger declares death of Republican Party

    "The convention spoke loudly: the GOP is dead. Now that we know it, time to push hard," the former GOP congressman wrote on Friday.

    Adam Kinzinger declares death of Republican Party

    >In his Substack titled, "The Convention Spoke and Told Us: The GOP is Dead," Kinzinger explained various examples of how the RNC demonstrated that Trump has succeeded in turning the GOP into a "cult of personality."

    From that Substack article: >It was called the Republican National Convention, but in fact, it had nothing to do with the GOP most of us once knew. Gone were the party’s serious policy debates and platform planks. In their place was a celebration of Donald Trump, who has succeeded in converting one of the country’s two major parties into a cult of personality. When it ended, the delegates sent a ticket into the presidential election with no true Republicans on it. > >. . . Because it is now the Trump Party, the crowd in Milwaukee lapped up Navarro’s message of fear which, after all, is the gateway to rage. Few noticed that, contrary to tradition, past Republican leaders – former President Bush, past nominee Mitt Romney, and former Vice President Dan Quayle – were all absent. > >. . . I won’t hide the fact that I grieve the old GOP and fear the cult of Trump. I am equally concerned, though, by Democrats who are shrinking from the fight, concluding that Trump’s election is inevitable. I would say that given a remnant of traditional Republicans remains, and independents must be turned off by a Trump who wants to be emperor. It's time to gather our courage and energy. The fight against him is not lost.

    57 From Nobel peace prize to civil war: how Ethiopia’s leader beguiled the world

    The long read: When Abiy Ahmed took power in Ethiopia, he was feted at home and abroad as a great unifier and reformer. Two years later, terrible violence was raging. How did people get him so wrong?

    From Nobel peace prize to civil war: how Ethiopia’s leader beguiled the world

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    Political Memes Optional

    See This Red Area? This Is Sand


    Still Got It

    Political Memes Optional

    That's It


    The migrants have a message.

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    10 Former Trump Org. CFO released from jail after serving 100 days for lying during investigation | CNN Politics

    Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg was released from jail after serving 100 days for lying during an investigation into Donald Trump’s real estate business.

    Former Trump Org. CFO released from jail after serving 100 days for lying during investigation | CNN Politics

    History Is A Thing

    Political Memes Optional

    The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing


    Microsoft Says Bye-Bye DEI, Joins Growing List Of Corporations Dismantling Diversity Teams Microsoft Says Bye-Bye DEI, Joins Growing List Of Corporations Dismantling Diversity Teams | Atlanta Daily World

    In a surprising yet increasingly common move, Microsoft has quietly dismantled its team dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  The decision, communicated via email to the affected employees on July 1, cited “changing business needs” as the reason for the layoffs. While the exact numbe...

    Microsoft Says Bye-Bye DEI, Joins Growing List Of Corporations Dismantling Diversity Teams | Atlanta Daily World

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    > From the Atlanta Daily World: > > ! > In a surprising yet increasingly common move, Microsoft has quietly dismantled its team dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  The decision, communicated via email to the affected employees on July 1, cited “changing business needs” as the reason for the layoffs. While the exact number of employees impacted remains unclear, the team’s lead didn’t … Continued > > The post Microsoft Says Bye-Bye DEI, Joins Growing List Of Corporations Dismantling Diversity Teams appeared first on Atlanta Daily World.