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Kia EV3 revealed as sub-£30k electric SUV with 373-mile range | Autocar
  • Mindstorms is actually retired now :(

    EV3 had a microsd slot and usb ports. You can boot Debian on it and connect it to WiFi, which made it pretty wide open.

    The kit that replaced EV3 is also really great. I have both and mostly use the newer one because even though it can't boot Linux or connect to WiFi, it can be programmed from an iPad using a scratch interface, and the programs can be saved to the device and run without having to use any other device. This makes it really easy to quickly make a robot to perform a simple task like pressing a series of physical buttons in a timed loop, like for farming Xbox game currency or whatever. EG

  • Recognizing when you're living in your best years
  • This kind of thing is seriously the best that life gets. Being able to recognize those moments and appreciate them is one of the best skills somebody can obtain. Mindfulness meditation and stoic philosophy have helped me immensely in being able to appreciate these types of situations for the real value that they have.

  • Is Neofetch abandoned?
  • It definitely seems abandoned. Here's an issue in the GH repo asking the same question

    There are 1.5k forks, seems like somebody could carry the torch forward if they were interested. Could be a good way to build experience and reputation.

  • NSFW
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • You're basically asking "do you check for red flags on everybody who is not raising red flags?"

    In comment threads, I usually only check post history for people I am considering blocking. It makes sense to check post history if people are instigating. If that person is just starting shit everywhere then there's no reason to listen to them, but if they have a history of reasoned discussion then maybe what they say is worth considering. (I realize how ironic this is coming from somebody who has almost no comment history on a new account)