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Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else” - Workers stayed remote even when told they could no longer be promoted.
  • This is not just the US, it is the norm world wide.

    It’s also not limited to job relations either. “New customer? Let me show you this sweet deal.” - “Oh, you’re already a customer? Then it’s full price I’m afraid”

    You need to regularly review/change contracts.

  • Man sues Apple for accidentally exposing his infidelity
  • It should be very obvious that I have kids just as well as it is obvious that you seem to be outsourcing parenting.

    Of course kids are different, that’s true for every living being. Of course setting boundaries is hard, in my observation it requires way more that 2-3 times teaching - sometimes way way more. Especially when it’s an important thing that’s also fun like „don’t run across the (busy) street” or “don’t touch the hot thing” or whatever is going on with your phones.

  • Man sues Apple for accidentally exposing his infidelity
  • Just to be clear by the age of 3-4 a child should be aware of the concept of not taking what belongs to others including their pictures.

    If your SO was fine with their phone being used to take nudes of them it would not be an issue. However in your 1st comment you state they are not.

    The kids is old enough to understand boundaries and the word “no”. If that behavior is limited to your own household then fine you do you. It never is though.

  • Man sues Apple for accidentally exposing his infidelity
  • To me gender isn’t isn’t relevant here, even if the kid is way older. The violation of privacy however is.

    I don’t recall the age I had to teach my kid not to film me taking a shower or a dump. I believe by the age of 5 they had their own mind when they wanted to be filmed/have their picture taken.

  • Humanity making progress like it always does
  • Let me give another example:

    Traveling from Central Europe to Southern Europe to spend your holiday. In 1980/1990 you had to clean your windshield a couple of times when driving there.

    Not any more.

  • Ant smell
  • You should be able to smell a female plant in full (oily) bloom. I've read that smell is one of the problems that illegal farms/grow box owners have when tyring to stay undetected.

  • Ant smell
  • One more example for your kitchen analogy, albeit coming from a different direction, is probably the smell of Durian.

    When you first encounter the smell, you experiences pretty intensive stench - maybe like rotten meat. When you manage to get over it and eat it a bunch of times it does not stink for you anymore. You still recognize it’s a very intense smell, but it’s not stench anymore.

    However, for everyone else unfamiliar with it it still stinks like hell.

  • Ant smell
  • I assume people just can’t identify the smell of cockroaches until they learned it? Similar to people being oblivious to the smell of marijuana when not familiar with it.

    I’m not sure I would recognize the smell of roaches if I didn’t keep them as food for other animals. Stinky little buggers.

  • What Radicalized You?
  • I used to live in a flat where I never needed to turn the heat on as I was surrounded by overheating elderly people. I did not save on heating as the counter somehow measured room temperature, but warm water/gas consumption. This was a couple of decades ago in Germany.