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Germany’s doner kebab becomes symbol of angst over rising costs
  • Turkish shawarma doesn't exist. That's more towards the middle east. You won't really, find it in Turkey. Though I wish you could, because more diversity is always more better.

    Anyway, the way naming kebap dishes works (kebap is not a dish, it's the name of a large and diverse family of meat dishes, not unlike salad) is you can introduce all sorts of variations into an existing dish, afterwards you're free to slap your own name on it. There are hundreds of examples of this in Turkish cuisine. So, Halifax Donair is fine. You invented a new variation of an existing kebap dish, you get to name it and claim ownership. That's how it is. What Germany has done is put their own regional spin on döner kebap, which had long existed, and then claim to have invented döner kebap itself. Call it Berlin kebap or whatever, but don't use the name of an existing dish. That's like claiming ownership of pizza margherita just because you added a couple new toppings and baked it in a square pan. It's dumb and wrong.

  • Germany’s doner kebab becomes symbol of angst over rising costs
  • Gyros is made from spicy, marinated meat. Döner is made from just meat and fat, without any spicing or marinating or whatever. Gyros is made from pork, döner is a mixture of lamb and beef. They're also served a bit differently.

    They're plenty different originally. In Germany they've been bastardized a little bit and brought close to each other. And then Germany went and declared they invented döner kebap, which is of course utter bullshit.

  • Youtube is broken, again
  • It's not an issue though, from what you're describing. People have control over their playlists. If that dude wanted to put that stupid video there, then that's his prerogative. YouTube can't "fix" that because a user doing whatever they want with their playlist is not an issue.

  • "GitHub" Is Starting to Feel Like Legacy Software - The Future Is Now
  • It doesn't have discussions, it doesn't offer pull request management with commented/annotated code reviews, it doesn't have built-in ssh and key management features, no workflows, no authorization tools of any kind...

    In short I find the "just use git itself lmao" to be an exceedingly weird thing to say and I find it even weirder that it gets said as often as it does and it gets upvoted so much. Git by itself is not very useful at all if there are more than one a half people working on the same code.

  • It isn't worth it
  • Difference remains whatever people claim. Guns are weapons made to cause damage first and foremost, and tools second. LLMs are tools first and whatever else second. You can un-dangerousify a tool by using it properly, but you can't do that with a literal weapon. Danger and damage and harm is their entire reason to exist in the first place.

  • It isn't worth it
  • Guns are made to kill. When someone gets killed by a gun, that's the gun being used for the thing's primary intended purpose. They exist to cause serious harm. Causing damage is their entire reason for existing.

    Nobody designed LLMs with the purpose of using up as much power as possible. If you want something like that, look at PoW crypto currencies, which were explicitly designed to be inefficient and wasteful.

  • Google is switching the Pixel 9 to an ultrasonic fingerprint reader
  • IMO the back is easily the worst possible place for the sensor out of the 3. It's natural yes, but only accessible when you're holding the phone normally. Completely blocked when the device is laying on its back, awkward at best when it's mounted. Also not very accessible while holding the phone sideways.

    The side is a little bit better. Natural enough to use while holding the thing normally, can still be operated otherwise if a bit awkwardly. Can use all 5 of your fingers.

    Front is easily the best. Basically guaranteed to be accessible in any situation where you need to unlock the screen. Very natural to touch for the thumb while holding the phone normally, easy to use with any other finger while it's not in your hands. Doesn't require any extra holes or gaps in the case, if it's a modern in-screen sensor, which are more than fast and accurate enough these days.

  • Caption this picture rule
  • One day I was in Hannover on holiday. We were walking on a nice street somewhere when this weirdly beautiful pigeon landed on the ground right in front of me. It was a really gorgeous bird. An unusually pretty pigeon. And it landed in front of me almost intentionally as if to stop me. I stopped my friend who was walking alongside me, pointed at the bird and said "wow look at that beautiful pi-". Right at that moment, the winged rat looked me straight in the eyes, took a big runny shit on the ground, and fucked off. The end.

  • GNU-Linux
  • I don't know about upset.

    You refer to it as gnu/Linux, I won't be upset. I'll just slightly roll my eyes at your choosing to utter such an inconvenient word to make a point that doesn't really need to be made. But ultimately it's your breath that is being wasted not mine, so I don't really care.

    You start arguing about it, then it gets annoying because give it a rest. I am perfectly aware that gnu is a core part of the whole thing, I just don't think it matters that I verbally pay tribute to it every single time I mention Linux. One word is enough to let you know wtf I'm talking about 99.999999% of the time, so I'm not adding another one that's already implied basically always. Still not upset though.

  • Android has a "Ctrl+Z" feature, the keyboards just dont support it
  • Does the kernel even have that functionality built into it? I thought it only mapped the raw data from the keyboard into actual key presses, but nothing more. That is to say it's the kernel that determines the ctrl and z keys are being pressed, but it's something higher on the stack that determines what to do with that information. Could be wrong, though.

  • İstanbul'da ikinci el ofis ekipmanları

    Esselamın hello,

    Buradaki insanlar biraz teknoloji eğilimli insanlardır diye tahmin ettiğimden soruyorum; İstanbul'da, tercihen Anadolu yakasında, şöyle ofislerin toptan elden çıkardığı bilgisayarları alıp satan yerler nerede bulabilirim bilen var mıdır? Thin clientlar, switchler vs. o tarz şeyler.


    Dell display manager or substitute on Linux?


    I've just recently unpacked my new Dell P3421W monitor. I was like 80% sure there would be no Linux support for the proprietary piece of software that manages the monitor's features, because that sorta stuff is hardly ever built for Linux for some fucked up reason, but I figured I could use my macbook (for which there actually is support) or the monitor's own nipple menu to do stuff. Turns out the macbook version does not work properly on Apple silicon, and the nipple menu doesn't have all the things.

    I know it's a long shot, since google hasn't helped much, but would anyone here know if there's a way to go about it? Maybe there are existing tools?