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Service to store and share WiFi credentials
  • You can use Keepass or most of the password manager software (I think) to save and share wifi username and password. But I don't think it is possible to auto connect to the saved wifi though.

  • Religion rule
  • I think it also depends on how ppl understand the concept of the word "satanism". I am an atheist and used to live in a asia country, we don't use any word like satan like you said "to define as the source of sorrow..." And I don't think we even have that word in native language. We have something else comparable to that but still what I want to say is that Satanism may sound bad to you but for others ppl It's not.

    To ppl who doesn't have any prejudice against Satanism, the Satanic temple does indeed provide good causes, especially even more now given how bad others religions are (I don't want to name them but I am sure we know who)

  • Why pay for an OpenAI subscription?
  • You can surely reduce the attack surface with multiple ways, but by doing so your AI will become more and more restricted. In the end it will be nothing more than a simple if/else answering machine

    Here is a useful resource for you to try:

    When you reach lv8 aka GANDALF THE WHITE v2 you will know what I mean

  • Nobara Kugisaki - Jujutsu Kaisen
  • I used Dall-e 3 api to generate this. i love going around and try others ppl prompt to see what dall-e can do, since I think dall-e have less refine control over the image than most other image generators so it fascinate me what the result can be.

  • The Boost android client for Lemmy is displaying these dark pattern ads pretending to be system notifications. What security/privacy conscious Lemmy clients do you recommend?
  • This is a bad mindset. Even though FOSS software is a good thing, but there is nothing wrong to make money from their hard work, you cannot and should not force developers to work for free if they don't want to.

    If you want free software then there are FOSS alternative options out there and nobody forces you to use Boost.

  • KFC workers are caught licking chicken pieces
  • While I do not condone wasting food, even if it was "closing time" but OP seems to be trying to fan the flame with misinformation (all pictures in the website show "POV closing time") and respond very rudely to ppl who pointed this out.

  • Making an old lamp smart
  • I think the easiest way is using zwave plug + zwave button to control it. If you have zigbee hub then you can use zigbee light bulb + zigbee button for greater control of the light. Quick search on Amazon doesn't show any zwave light bulb tho

  • Bethesda Is Responding to Negative Reviews of Starfield on Steam
  • I have played most of the fully 3D Bethesda RPG games and I am accustomed to their game design, bugs, and janks.

    But the only thing I hate about Starfield is just the way the game always talks about how amazing exploration of the unknown is (heck, your main character is even a part of the explorer group name Constellation) while trying everything it can to stop player to do just that (overly rely on teleportation, cannot travel seamlessly between planets, etc...)

    It feels like you are playing an institute scientist in an fallout game, always stay in your high tech base and only travel using teleportation to the outside world

    This is a major turn off for me and there is no way to fix it