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I did not know the origin of the quote
  • The origin of the quote is not Goebbels.

    Someone else has traced the quotation to a novel by Upton Sinclair in The Profits of Religion (do a search for the phrase and you will find it.

    In short, it is highly unlikely that Goebbels said this. As is usually the case with such quotations, no one who cites it provides a source.

    Randall Bytwerk, expert in Nazi propaganda (Prof. Randall Bytwerk)

  • How much of what you self-host do you keep LAN only over making accessible across the internet?
  • I keep everything behind a VPN so I don't have to worry much about opening things up to the Internet. It's not necessary about the fact that you're probably fine but more so what the risk to you is if that device is compromised, ex: a NAS with important documents, or the idea that if that device is infected, what can that device access.

    You could expose your media server and not worry too much about that device but having it in a "demilitarized zone", ensuring all your firewall rules are correct and that that service is always updated is more difficult than just one VPN that is designed to be secure from the ground up.

  • Hydrogen cars come into sharp new focus as global climate politics takes turn for better
  • I really liked this video explaining some of the challenges with a consumer hydrogen powered vehicle:

    I think hydrogen might have potential for trucks but for consumers, at least where EVs can work, I don't think there's a real advantage unless a major breakthrough changes things.

  • Paralyzed by indecision
  • I steered away from replacing my router with a PC and got an ER-X and virtualized everything else including TrueNAS on an old office PC. Having PCI-E slots helps with stability a ton when virtualizing and my setup has 64gb DDR3 which was cheap.

    Ubiquiti APs are typically the homeLab standard and work great especially with multiple APs. You can start with turning your existing router to AP mode and replace with APs later.

    For stability, you can create a "test network" on the ER-X. This is an incredibly useful unofficial guide to setup ER-X with multiple lan networks, APs and more. Then create redundancy with docker containers on a Pi. (put DNS server on proxmox system and a second on the Pi so if one goes down, DNS works).

    For your home assistant question, does the backups or copy/paste data folder not meet your needs?

  • Broadcom-owned VMware kills the free version of ESXi virtualization software
  • I'm happy with proxmox in a non-production environment/homeLab. Stable and straightforward.

    Just found out from your comment that windows is shutting the door completely on CPUs that don't support POPCNT. There's config settings to install Windows 11 on legacy hardware (old CPU, tpm chips, etc) but who knows when they'll pull the plug on that.

  • What's a good piece of hardware to run a jellyfin server?
  • If space isn't an issue, getting a cheap office surplus machine like a Dell Optiplex SFF line for ~$100 US vs the USFF so that it supports low profile PCI-E for a hba card for more storage, or nvidia quadro p400 for better encoding at like $30-50.

    It will probably use a bit more wattage, especially with more HDDs, but still should be around 50w idle for even the old systems.

  • want to get started but finding the technical side really overwhelming
  • What your trying to do is a big overkill if you want only one device to connect to a VPN.

    Your VPN installed on your raspberry pi should have a "local network sharing" option. Based on some blogs mullvad had some issues with hostname and network shares (as of 07/2022) and you should try to connect via IP address if you're having trouble.

    Local network sharing only works on the same subnet (IP address of your computer, Pi, and TV should have the first 3 parts of the IP match, ex: not

    If you're trying to SSH to the Pi when not connected to the same network it's going to be much more difficult.

    If all above fails, this GitHub issue suggests advanced split tunneling setup on the Pi so that it can listen for SSH locally.

  • Why is TikTok seen as privacy invading and bad, but Facebook is fine?
  • Coming from someone who uses neither currently but has used Facebook before, I think it's more to do with the fact that people are used to Facebook, Google and other companies collecting data. Facebook does a ton of lobbying to tell you just how much they value privacy.

    Facebooks data policies are supposed to follow US law. As you already mentioned, I won't go any further on that. With a foreign country that isn't exactly super friendly with the US, they could use this same data against citizens. You have no real GDPR, or US privacy laws to protect you if China decides to target a diplomats family or whatever.

    For most people, it's probably not going to affect you either way, but because data is something we really don't understand the full value of. As an Example, ethnic groups could be targeted and tiktok can be used as a data source.

    With the whole Facebook being used to potentially manipulate elections, Tiktok could be as well and the US/other countries have even less they can do to stop it.

    But a lot of the hate that you're seeing on the news is playing into China bad and not really casting light that they are okay with US companies collecting the same data. See:

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