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go $fsck yourself
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Plastic manufacturers may have broken US laws
  • The research from the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) details the widespread burdens that plastic pollution places on US cities and states and argues that plastic producers may be breaking public nuisance, product-liability, and consumer-protection laws.

  • Playing on mobile has a fatal flaw

    The number of times a run gets ruined or I just die outright because I accidentally tap the wrong place or just accidentally tap the screen at all is making me want to stop playing entirely.

    Nearly every time it's entirely out of my control and something causes it to happen.

    That gap between the search and quick slots? You can click there and your character will move. Many times I will be trying to search and my character will go kill themselves instead. !

    I desperately need to be able to select a tile and confirm the action to move or attack.

    Edit: Another small thing this would resolve is when I intend on examining something and I thought I hit the examine button but apparently missed, then I end up doing something I did not intend on doing. This literally just happened to me where I was trying to examine the two crystal chests in a room to determine what kind of items are inside, and instead of examining one of them I just opened the chest.


    "No more posts were loaded" is so frustrating

    This little notification blocks my ability to click things and cannot be dismissed, so I have to wait for it to go away. And sometimes it just doesn't go away. When scrolled to the bottom I can't click on the post to view the comments.


    Display bug in list of profiles


    In this image you can see when opening the list of profiles the only account shown does not display a username.


    Show Modlogs

    Assuming I am not just unable to find the button for it, can we get a button to view the mod logs?