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Humane AI Pin is a disaster: Founders already want to sell the company
  • Yep, at high price+monthly fee, too.

  • Humane AI Pin is a disaster: Founders already want to sell the company
  • Their adoption plan was just wrong. Few people want to give up their phones, and the general public has had enough of a learning curve struggle with mobile phones. The device didn't make sense, at least not in its current state.

    The AI bubble will burst soon, and when it does, real innovation will happen.

  • Microsoft’s AI chatbot will ‘recall’ everything you do on its new PCs | The Guardian
  • In the 1990s, I transitioned from Windows to Linux as my primary operating system. Since then, Linux has consistently exhibited advancements in the desktop and software space, whereas Windows and Mac operating systems appear to have experienced a decline in terms of user experience and functionality.

  • Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • Lookup nextdns. They have guides

  • How privacy on the web is mostly a myth
  • Thank you for the feedback. I will remove PIA.

  • How privacy on the web is mostly a myth
  • What is wrong with PIA?

  • What Idiot Backed Trump’s Bond in E. Jean Carroll Trial? This One.
  • He's fucked if he loses. That's why he will play dirty to win.

  • My son uses Arch... How do I know? He tells me... Constantly...
  • I'm a vegan arch user. Not gluten-free. That's for gentoo.

  • Where, and when, did you start using Linux? Where are you now?
  • I started around the time when Windows 95 came out. Slackware was my jam. I now run Arch on one box and Debian 12 on another. It helped my career as a sysadmin.

  • Seth MacFarlane Says The Orville Isn't Canceled Yet
  • It's such a great series. It's a shame it wasn't popular enough to keep momentum. I hope we get another season

  • What do you think about the porn industry ?
  • It's moist and sticky

  • Valve Makes "Boomer Shooter" An Official Genre On Steam
  • Fake. User generated tags. Stupid article

  • Yin Yang cats
  • I bet you're fun at parties

  • Reddit Falls Short of Ad Growth Targets Ahead of Likely 2024 IPO
  • Someone needs to redo this with the answer being "s p e z"