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The pain of privilege rule
  • It comes from a place of love not hate. Like “I’m so different I’m normal.”

    I have nothing but love and admiration for our trans brothers and sisters.

  • The pain of privilege rule
  • Ok. It was in reference to this post

    I wanted to comment “I’m so gay I’m straight”

  • 'I'm supposed to be dead' says Trump after assassination attempt
  • I’ll believe it when I see it. The only thing he’s ever been able to unify is an angry mob

  • The beginning of the end
  • Exactly. Never put down to conspiracy anything that can equally be explained by incompetence.

  • But don't say it out loud
  • I don’t have mixed feelings. No-one should ever, attempt, to assasinate a would be dictator.

  • But don't say it out loud
  • The USA needs ranked choice voting

  • It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose
  • WTF 10! Why is this a debate?

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • My six year old iPhone still receives software updates

  • 🎥 Fatima Payman announces decision to quit Labor Party
  • I watched her speech live. I was taken by how well she spoke and how level headed she was. It’s no wonder the Labor heavies are out flinging shit sounding like a bad amateur theatre production of the Godfather. “She disrespected the family”

  • 'A king above the law': US Supreme Court's Trump ruling prompts judges to warn of 'nightmare scenarios'
  • He just needs to turn the decision against the Supreme Court itself. He won’t do shit though and will find himself in dying in jail

  • Trump Had His Own Brain Freeze Moment Like Biden This Week
  • The Democrats had 4 years to build the profile of a successor, now they are left with this vapid spin.

  • 'Babbling' and 'hoarse': Biden's debate performance sends Democrats into a panic
  • Did you see the audience metrics during his last presidency?

  • Nuclear isn't perfect, but it is the best we have right now.
  • Meme propaganda? In my Lemmy feed?

    It’s more likely than you think

  • 451 rule
  • As an extra layer or irony this screen shot is a comment on a headline posted on a micro blogging platform.

  • Microplastics discovered in human penises for the first time
  • More importantly is it hard or soft microplastics.

  • Elsevier
  • I agree but if it was that easy it would have been done already and there would already be another evil gatekeeper to hate.

  • Party That Was Unable to Build Commuter Car Park Unveils Plans to Build 7 Nuclear Reactors — The Shovel

    "When it comes to implementing six dozen high-tech enriched uranium reactors and then safely storing the waste, we’re the guys for the job"

    Party That Was Unable to Build Commuter Car Park Unveils Plans to Build 7 Nuclear Reactors — The Shovel
    Let's chat about these SEVEN nuclear power plants the LNP want to build ...
  • It’s a chicken and egg situation. However if the media were more concerned with journalism than audience metrics. I think the bullshit might have less standing in the eyes of the public.

  • Let's chat about these SEVEN nuclear power plants the LNP want to build ...
  • The worst thing about this ‘plan’ is the media treating it like it’s an actual real thing that will actually happen if the LNP get in power.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Yay. Pre-crime

  • 50 Foot Wave - Clara Bow

    The song kind of popped into my head for some reason.

    3 David Squires on … the most brutal moment in the A-League’s history

    Our cartoonist looks at Robert Mak’s callous uppercut to the hairs on Phillip Cancar’s chin

    David Squires on … the most brutal moment in the A-League’s history

    Hallelujah Farken!


    Which character have you become from your favourite distopian novel?

    When you read them as a young person you usually put yourself in the role of the protagonist or hero. For this of you who are older which character do you think most reflects you now?

    For me it’s the unnamed walker who gets scapegoated as Montag by the mechanical hounds in Fahrenheit 451.


    I’m just sick and tired of the decisions that continually go against us

    “But when it does happen to my football club, and my players they don’t even think twice, it’s a straight red. “

    “And then some issues occur. And all of a sudden, since that moment, years ago, there’s been a stigma and our poor fans and members have had to pay the price”


    Round 11 - review thread


    Wednesday 3rd Jan

    Sydney 1 - 1 Canberra

    Saturday 6th Jan

    Newcastle 3 - 3 Canberra

    Adelaide 0 - 5 City

    Victory 1 - 4 Western

    Sunday 7th Jan

    Brisbane 2 - 1 Wellington

    Mariners 0 - Sydney

    Perth 0 - 2 Wanderers


    Thursday 4th Jan

    Adelaide 2 - 2 Wellington

    Friday 5th Jan

    Macarthur 1 - 1 Newcastle

    Saturday 6th Jan

    Wanderers 0 - 1 Mariners

    Brisbane 1 - 2 Sydney

    Perth 2 - 3 Victory

    Sunday 7th Jan

    Western 1 - 2 City


    Sunday 7th Jan

    Bahrain 0 - 2 Australia


    Sammies ACL 😭

    What was your highlight for the week? There were some banger goals, last minute equalisers and winners.

    For me it was a tie between the look on Rudan's face after the game on Saturday and getting 9 green squares on gridal game without having to use Leigh Broxham or Danny Vukovic as guesses.


    Round 11 preview thread

    As promised here is the preview thread for this weekends matches.


    Early start to the week in the Aleague Women’s with the postponed round four clash between Sydney and Canberra kicking off tonight at 7:00pm AEDST at Leichhardt Oval.

    Then round 11 kicks off from Saturday.


    Saturday 6th Jan

    Newcastle v Canberra

    Adelaide v City

    Victory v Western

    Sunday 7th Jan

    Mariners v Sydney

    Brisbane v Wellington


    This weekend Round 11 action kicks off on Thursday night and we get a bonus Round 12 match on Monday night.


    Thursday 4th Jan

    Adelaide v Wellington

    Friday 5th Jan

    MacArthur v Newcastle

    Saturday 6th Jan

    Wanderers v Mariners

    Brisbane v Sydney

    Perth v Victory

    Sunday 7th Jan

    Western v City

    Monday 8th Jan

    Adelaide v Macarthur

    Big talking points:

    Will Ben Cahn have an immediate impact at Brisbane?

    Will the changes to how the ladder is determined, now that everyone knows about them, affect how teams play? context


    Is anyone stil here?

    I’ve been finding myself heading over to reddit more to find out things because the fediverse is bereft of A-leagues discussions and KEEPUP is painful to read as always.

    I really want there to be a corner of the fediverse where like minded people can discuss the greatest football leagues in the world. We don’t need a massive amount of people. In the early days of the A-League there was The Football Blog on SMH/TheAge and even though there were really only a dozen or so regular commenters the discussion was vibrant and engaging. Even the early days of the aleague subreddit the community was very small, we just need engagement.

    So who is still here?

    I’m thinking we can start with generic pre and post round threads, open forums to highlight whatever your looking forward to in he coming games or to vent about what ground your gears or floated your boat about the prior weekend games. I’ll start tomorrow morning.

    Yay? Nay? Shit is this app still installed?

    Arsenal Women Football Club galoisghost

    Arsenal 4 - 1 Chelsea

    What a win!! Could have been more.


    TISM - I’ve Gone Hillsong

    They’re back!!