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World's top golfer Scottie Scheffler arrested on charges of assaulting officer at PGA championship event
  • Holy shit, do you think the kid's gonna reschedule his development windows for golf? It's his first kid, and he's making a mistake. Doesn't matter if the mom's OK, him being absent means less familiarity with his own son's behavior and needs. Why every mother doesn't insist on massive father involvement during her own recovery from birth is insane.

  • Recognizing when you're living in your best years
  • Aren't you supposed to be modeling conversational conventions so they don't annoy other people with incessant chatter? Some people never seem to be quiet ever and probably needed to learn to let other people be involved in their one-sided monologues.

  • 'Let her go! Let her go!' Fontana officer shoots armed man who put his partner in a headlock
  • What, so the police can put anyone they want in a headlock but we can't headlock back? /s

    Seriously though, if it's so threatening to get a cop in a headlock, enough that another cop feels they need to use deadly force to stop it, why are cops allowed to continue restraining someone who fights back against a headlock during an arrest?

  • Trump spends day off from court hosting NFT customers at Mar-a-Lago
  • Would that not irritate the judge? How do you trust a defendant who lies about what they present as legitimate scheduling conflicts? They could just continue to make shit up and delay the trial. I'm sure there are plenty of excuses to dig up involving family he usually ignores who are suddenly in poor health, etc. Hell, he could hospitalize one of them just to point to...