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Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • I kinda get that vibe too. But without knowing more about him, I imagine what I perceive might also just be someone who's very confident in themselves who doesn't necessarily care very much what others think about him. Which, Linus has built his own company from the ground up, and it has made him very wealthy, so, he has some legitimate reason for that confidence, in his competence and his f you money. I suppose that might also co-occur with easily overlooking other people's problems, or being narcissistic though. Which is bad for a boss (e.g. Elon). Still, hard to just summarily judge without more information

  • Patient gamers, what are your favourite city builders?
  • I will say, the couple times my colonists got into nearly deadly altercations due to one of them being a pyschopath and going around starting fights was actually interesting. But that kind of conflict was much less frequent than 80% of my pawns being in the hospital due to an attack from neighboring clans

  • Patient gamers, what are your favourite city builders?
  • I've been playing not much else than city builders in the past year or two, for some reason.

    Surviving Mars is good imo, and so is Frostpunk, but both involved a decent bit of trial and error to figure out. For Frostpunk that ended up being a strength, but not sure if I'd have just done a tutorial for Surviving Mars if I would have had fewer problems.

    I have like 400 hours in Satisfactory, some people consider it a city builder, I guess for resource management reasons. But there aren't cute little people to watch so I don't know about that, haha. Fun though.

    Kingdoms and Castles is a very cute game, but probably too easy. Still, very relaxing to play which is nice.

    I also enjoyed Jurassic World Evolution, driving the jeep through the park you've built is very fun.

    For the past few months I've been playing tons of Oxygen Not Included. It's really fun, but tricky, and the simulation differs from how actual physics works enough that some mechanics are unintuitive for me. It's a game that I had to figure out a specific reason to keep playing though, as once you get the main problems fixed you're arguably "done", but it's not all that hard to get a self-sustaining colony.

    I tried Rimworld, and found it a very weirdly unsatisfying game. Imo it's too slow and tedious to be good as a "story generator" but the problems you face are also too banal but also devastating for it to be a good city builder. I'm guessing a lot of people would hate me for saying I actually prefer Stranded: Alien Dawn to Rimworld, even though it's just a 3d copy. But Stranded Alien Dawn is more fun to watch your people do stuff and I enjoy being able to build 3d houses too. It's almost more like The Sims.

    I also briefly tried Against the Storm, but I dunno, it didn't really grab me. Seemed really slow.

    Timberborn is a fantastic game, and everyone should play it. Just fantastic. I started before the badwater update and I think there's merits to either mode, so if you wanna play safer, you can turn off badwater for a game and it's still super solid.

    I just bought Manor Lords, but I'm gonna wait till it gets updated more before I crack it open. My ONI world has a lot of work still.

    Also, like everyone else says, Banished is great (though the UI leaves something to be desired, but it's also a custom game engine from the one dev) and Cities Skylines is good too. Haven't tried CS 2.

    I also really wanna try Captains of Industry, but I've gotta pace myself

  • Belgium to allocate nearly $10 million for Ukraine's energy infrastructure restoration
  • Not to say that Belgium doing so isn't helping, $10 million is a lot better than nothing. But my first thought is that that maybe pays for like what, two electrical substations? Maybe costs for that sort of thing are lower in Ukraine than in the US, or maybe I'm overestimating capital costs for electrical infrastructure even in the US. In any case, I wonder how much it would cost to fix all of Ukraine's distribution infrastructure

    Edit: Should've read the article. I guess the focus is on generators, including distributed stuff like solar

  • Hello Le Carcassonne

    Just played this with my brother over Thanksgiving. It was very fun! So funny to see a community get created right after playing it for the first time!