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'Microsoft killed my online life,' Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • You are referring to leasing a domain, not owning one.

    This person is adamant about ownership.

    What you are referring to is borrowing others services, which is what they are explicitly detesting as foolish.

    It's pure naivete. Mom's basement shit.

  • 5 people escape hot, acidic pond after SUV drove into inactive geyser in Yellowstone National Park
  • There are minimal details available.

    What makes you say distracted driver?

    Heart attack, stroke, seizure, bee sting, wasp, spider bite, snakes, malfunction of the vehicle, vehicle unknowingly damaged, avoiding wildlife, avoiding other drivers, spilled hot coffee, incidental choking, heat exhaustion, dehydration, bald tires, poorly maintained road without proper signage, Maybe someone's cell phone battery blew up and it startled the driver.

    There's 1000 reasons a car accident can happen. We don't need to assume the worst in people.

    I'm all for a little shame if we find out they were hammered listening to bon Jovi with their heads out the window, yeah. But like, chill.

  • 'Microsoft killed my online life,' Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • Holy shit, that's a pretentious way to say you think you're hot shit while showing you've barely got a chin above script kiddie.

    Where the fuck are you gonna cram billions of new DNS records? You trying to nuke the whole system?

    Billions of new IP addresses? From where, your ass? IPv4's fucking dead and IPv6 is crawling.

    You want billions of shitty home servers? Why not just hand cybercriminals the keys to everyone's data?

    No big email providers for spam filtering? Hope you like dick pills and Nigerian princes.

    Home servers for email? Great plan. Who needs reliability when the power goes out or your shit internet drops?

    You think everyone can afford this? Some people can barely pay rent, let alone run a fucking server.

    "Private" home servers? Please. They'd fold faster than a house of cards in a hurricane up against any direct persistent attack from any capable threat actors.

    Try running a big mailing list on your puny home setup. Watch that shit crash and burn.

    Good luck explaining to the feds why you can't cough up subpoenaed emails.

    You really think billions of clueless users can handle this? It's like giving toddlers chainsaws.

    Everyone run their own email on locally hosted domains...? Jesus fucking Christ. What are you, 14?

    Edit: has MX records that point to icloud.

    This toolbag indeed uses someone else's services for their email exchange.

  • Crypt force one.
  • To the point I personally love to make..

    Trump. Biden. George W. Bill Clinton.

    Were all, at one point, simultaneously high school students. All born within 4 years of one another.

    1992 - 2028. With the exception of Obama, all under the rule of one very, very narrow demographic.

  • Eyedea & Abilities - Color My World Mine

    Legend has it, Eyedea wrote these lyrics when he was 14 years old. What the actual fuck.


    midnight club: the unsung hero of arcade racing.

    This is an appreciation thread. All 4 games are iconic to me. Way underrated.

    To me, midnight club is everything need for speed wanted to be. Need for speed had a few hits and many misses. Midnight club was 100% hits. And they aged incredibly. They're still fun as hell.

    If you never played and you dig arcade racing games, go play. It's an open city racing game. Variety of racing types, endless challenges, and really great mechanicsi just wish it was as.pophlar as it deserves to be.


    Worse and worse

    Anyone else getting worse and worse service with chat gpt?

    I am getting repetitive incorrect and lazy answers and then rate limited. Idk what I'm even paying for at this point. It's happened the last 5 times I've used it over the last week or so.

    Am I alone?


    screen blackout, app still functions.

    Im on a galaxy s22+. This started happening the same time the upvotes downvote buttons started to glitch in the UI which I have also posted about.

    This issue is more annoying. When I am mid response, I'll often leave the app to get more accurate info in what I'm trying to say. When I come back to Lemmy, it's all black. Nothing. But my button presses are still registering.

    If I go to the app switcher (bottom left android button) thing, and reselect Lemmy, it fixes and the display returns.

    But if I react by pressing the back button, I lose my response, I lose the post I was responding to, I sometimes can't even relocate the thread I was in easily.


    voting buttons bug

    I need to hit the upvotes and downvote buttons twice on the main page.

    It will flash it's color as I press on press 1, but then quickly revert. On second press, it behaves normally.


    Tom Brier sight reads Super Mario World Ending Theme - incredible ragtime improv

    This guy was something special. Not too many prodigies can improv like Tom Brier. Someone posted Nyan cat the other day and it reminded me of the incredible body of his work.

    This guys relative made this YouTube channel when he realized Tom could play anything and turn it into a full length song ad libertum, AND that he was incredibly out of touch with pop culture. Most of the time he is completely unfamiliar with the song being presented to him. You can tell how much he enjoyed this song by his enthusiastic laugh at the end 😊

    Guy sadly was in a bad car accident in 2016, and can no longer play. These videos just make me cry now, but God damn does this mean deserve keep being found and revered.


    feature request: custom feeds

    Right now there are three feeds available to me, that, as far as I can tell, I have minimal control over.

    It'd be rad if there was a way to add feeds, and for each feed, be able to manually select communities I'd like to see.

    This would be great for news, porn, sports, pornography, adult content, and so much more.


    Your Personal Metal Deep Cuts

    Last week we had a great thread about metal without growls. In reading suggestions, and conjuring up some of my own, I re-realized a bunch of stuff.

    I wanna see your top 3 metal deep cuts.

    What do I mean by deep cut? I mean the formative shit. The stuff you found and loved along the way but lost track of, that when you revisit you go "fuck what happened to these guys?" The ones that helped guide you but fell off the face of the earth (or just your radar).


    Guess The Episode [Genius At Work]

    I like this one because like 9 episodes come to mind.


    Guess The Episode [genius at work]

    If y'all get this, this category is going to become silly. That's a threat.


    Guess The Episode [genius at work]

    I'm hoping for the 'genius at work' designation to represent the most difficult, but solvable, stills.

    I think by guahing where y'all have been at, this might stump you, but there is enough info. Prove me wrong and the category gets forever more difficult!


    Guess The Episode [medium]

    This is bordering on 'hard' I think? This seems about as difficult as medium should be. Or as easy as hard should be? 🤔


    guess the episode meta

    Ive enjoyed this little game and would like to keep it going.

    May I suggest a naming convention? We've been adding what round were doing at the end. Let's stop that.

    Instead, I propose we formalize it a little to help it gain momentum. That sounds stupid as I type it but... Hear me out. I'm not saying like scoreboards and stuff. Just difficulty ratings?

    Post title: Guess The Episode - [easy/medium/hard/Genius At Work]

    Idk, let's talk about if we want more of this game, and if we want to widen it's appeal