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"Hey Google, Turn my balls off"
  • What? Why would you permanently compress it?

  • Python has too many package managers
  • Hatch is great. It's easy to get started but I wouldn't call it simple. Flit is simple, because it's limited.

    Hatch is complex enough to allow you to override everything, which makes it not simple, but also not complicated.

  • Python has too many package managers
  • I agree, although it undersells hatch and has a title that made me roll my eyes. Very well researched, none of the usual hot takes and clichés.

  • Political unity
  • Countries that aren't the US of A exist.

  • Benny 😍😍😍
  • I don't see Ben Shapiro as an “opponent”. His weapons-grade bad takes aimed at nothing but to stoke the fires of a culture war simply are vile.

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • Try spending a new year's eve in e.g. Germany.

    everybody above the age of 15 can and will start fireworks in close vicinity to everyone else doing it. You do not feel safe.

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • Doesn't apply to the author here, so I don't understand why you brought it up?

  • don't use ladybird browser lol
  • They accepted one that adds gender neutral pronouns in more than one place instead lol

  • Holy voting choices!
  • The track record of the Biden administration is solid. Why should that change?

  • bombastic side eye
  • Your actions have effects in the real world! Shocking, I know. But not voting for the lesser evil in a FPTP voting system like the US’s increases the likelihood of the bigger evil winning.

    You don't get to deny responsibility, however minor, for the consequences of your actions.

  • Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • Leftists who aren't completely brain-dead will of course vote for his administration.

  • Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • Are they aware that even an almost-corpse could follow their advisors and therefore end up having an effective presidency? As long as Biden doesn't start doing random senile shit (and be realistic, he's far from that)

  • Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • Lol, have you seen a Republican recently?

  • Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • If he loses. Maybe the complacent non-voters learned something. No thanks to the Ds, but neither Trump nor Biden winning is a done deal

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • Why would it? Biden stands for the policies they want. He's also the more capable president, since he is actually able to correctly remember and cite statistics unlike Trump who is only interested in golf and polemics.

  • JavaScript
  • You're right, of you have compete freedom, do that. If the place you want or need to go to is most comfortably reachable via rattlesnake road, bring boots.

    In other words, if you don't think the wasm landscape is mature enough to build a web thing with it, you are stuck with JavaScript, but you don't have to rawdog it. I haven't run in a single weird thing like this in years of writing typescript with the help of its type system, ESLint and a formatter.

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • It's how dishwashers work: more cycles = more rinsing, then later rinse it all off.

    You could do a quick pre-wash, then a long cycling of water, and lastly a rinse with clean water.

  • How I date
  • [citation needed]

  • JavaScript
  • Just use a formatter. It'll show you that the second one is two statements:

    1. {} (the empty block)
    2. +[] coerce an empty array to a number: new Number(new Array())