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Shitty Families suck
  • I couldn't hide it, gaming was a very hard special interest and hyperfixation, I literally grew up in a console gaming golden age too (early-to-mid 90's kid so 4th and 5th generation consoles, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, arcade transitioning to 3D as a standard, etc.) so there was no escaping it from anyone

    And yes I got made fun of, mostly by classmates but I got some family teasing too

  • How was this show made
  • The Good Doctor, a show about a surgeon who is fighting his Hollywood Autism, complete with all the stereotypes, and trying to get through life and career at a hospital. Plays very hard into the "idiot savant" trope.

    It seems like an ok show from the bit of season 1 I watched, but then I had an Autistic kid and learned I was Autistic myself and had a deep dive into Autism life... And yeah it does a pretty poor representation of it and I don't think I would want to go back to that show by this point.

  • More than half of Americans think the U.S. is in a recession. It's not.
  • Boy trickle down economics sure is looking GREAT, huh?? Share holder success is better than ever, now if we could just do a thing about those pesky peasants... They better not go after poverty assistance or work benefits, that comes out of our taxes, can't have our portfolio drop a fraction of a percent, can we?? Yep we'll just exploit the masses until there's nothing left and then... Uh...

  • Whoops

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