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China is building its military on a 'scale not seen since WWII' and is on track to be able to invade Taiwan by 2027: US admiral
  • I don't understand why you'd use GDP here. Is the assumption that, normalized for currency differences, all countries have the same gdp? That's not true.

    I think argued earlier that tue money goes less far in the us because the cost of living is higher, so then normalize by cost or standard of living? But even that would assume that the average wage in the country is supporting the same lifestyle in both Russia and the us. Which it isn't. Some countries live "better" than others.

    I think raw numbers are probably best here. 100 trillion in military spending is 100 trillion.

  • No Country for Law Men: The GOP Votes to Defund the FBI
  • This is exactly what he was saying though, isn't it? Biden literally used the sotu a few weeks ago to publically call them clowns and you just ignored it. You have a narrative in your head you want to be true, so you'll seek out whatever you need to make it that way. It's a waste of time to pursue your vote. It's already decided.

  • House Republicans Want to Ban Universal Free School Lunches
  • The line "Prohibiting trust fund assets from being used for non-trust fund programs" just cracks me up. "People should be able to spend money how they want! Except like that or on things I don't like".

  • House Republicans Want to Ban Universal Free School Lunches
  • Thi budget has the word "Biiden" in it more times than it does budget. I also includes the words "woke ideology". Definitely a very serious attempt to look at our spending and not just political bullshit.

  • House Republicans Want to Ban Universal Free School Lunches
  • My anti abortion friends will say "the problem is they don't care about the children after they're born" and then happily go vote for trump again this Nov because their church told them joe Biden is the devil.

  • House Republicans Want to Ban Universal Free School Lunches
  • You don't want to invest in stopping fraud here. The investment costs more than you'd get back, no one is making bank stealing free school lunch. We conceded this before and made life worse for millions of people.

    You do want to invest in stopping corporate fraud, because the investments pay off there.

  • James Webb telescope confirms there is something seriously wrong with our understanding of the universe
  • You see this thinking in science too. Dark matter has always struck me as an awful solution to a model breaking down. It's basically "the numbers don't add up so let's add a fudge factor to make it say what we want". But you're generally considered a kook for questioning it now. People will spout a bunch of big words and hope you shut up if you do.