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Target: St. Louis

Not sure if this has been posted but i finally saw it.

TARGET ST. LOUIS Vol. 1© tells the story of how the United State Military conducted secret chemical testing on citizens of St. Louis's Northside. Told through the eyes of the survivors who bravely share their experiences of being unwitting test subjects. Long before the current scandal of lead poisoning of the water supply of Flint, Michigan, the United States Army conducted secret experiments on unknowing residents of northern St. Louis using toxic chemicals. The predominantly African American residents of northern St. Louis are the focus of this film. "Target: St Louis Vol. 1" shares their disturbing story of how these Cold War experiments occurred and the film examines the actions of the US Military that extended beyond the guarantees of public safety promised to US citizens by the Constitution.

Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • 24/7 I have home assistant and other things that depend on it being up. It's not a beast but it definitely uses less than my oven. My electric use is big already from my electric car so the small savings wouldn't be noticeable alongside my solar panels.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • the military people severing are not a a republican block, they are mostly poor people that looks for support and jobs. i only meet a few bigots while i was in and they were quickly shut down when the spouted their shit.

  • T-Mobile In Trouble After It Decides To Build Cell Tower That Is 'Not Safe' For Residents
  • Yeah, I was 25B cross trained with 25U and the mobile sat dishes needed cordoned off a certain degree area in front to not walk in front of. And the humvvee antennas on high power could burn you if you touched them while transmitting.

  • T-Mobile In Trouble After It Decides To Build Cell Tower That Is 'Not Safe' For Residents
  • Ahhh more "health" quacks, I wonder if they also believe the COVID vaccines have 5g chips in them.

    The town felt the residents would be 'unsafe' due to radio frequencies and rejected the company's notion of building the tower on the land.

  • c/[email protected] is full of transphobic trolls
  • Would you understand the meme better is the used the SpongeBob meme to relay their sarcasm in that post. I'm trans and get the joke they are trying to make. People that say don't vote are privileged or ignorant of the harm that trump will do to everyone that's not white, straight, and well off financially.

  • Pad use

    I saw a post on Reddit but don't have an account anymore. They gave a pad to a cis lady that asked for one and was asked why they had one.

    My question for post op people. Do you use a pad or have discharge? I wear a liner everyday. I don't have much on it after the whole day but it's still something that I don't want on my underwear. Maybe I need to do the silver nitrate stuff again on the bit of granulation skin?