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Motherboards and systems with China's Loongson CPUs now shipping to US customers — options start from $373 for a DTX board with processor and cooler
  • This is not a good deal. First of all I highly doubt this mobo and CPU will be Windows 11 compatible so you're out of luck there.

    That's a feature lol

    For $373 you can find an AMD Ryzen 5 7600X and mobo combo deal that will vastly outperform this Chinese CPU

    Really? I'm actually asking because I don't think you can get the amd combo you mentioned at that price. Also, we'd need to confirm the specs and performance. So far it would be just speculation

  • Apple Rumored to Be Working on AirPods With Built-in Cameras
  • Exactly... I have regular buds for running and I hate them because they inevitably shift around a bit and , when I try to get them back in place, they start misinterpreting my touch with whatever touch command they were preprogrammed

    These ideas sound nice in the brainstorming room but, in my experience, have rarely panned out in practice

  • Biden’s debate performance sets off alarm bells for Democrats
  • Nobody represents the people, but that's not a new problem nor, in anyway, a new thing in this Trump era

    My biggest fear is that the USA always gets to chose someone who does not represent them at all but at least had the notion that we need a planet to live in

    Trump is a man child and will see the world burn out of petty spite. And us, in the rest of the world, would have to still live with those consequences

    So back to the debate and the choice between Biden and Trump... Sure Biden is a terrible option, like chosing to get cancer... But Trump is like chosing to be gang raped, shot and left for dead in an open sewer and here we are pretending the 2 bad options are somehow the same

  • Biden’s debate performance sets off alarm bells for Democrats
  • Actually, the other way around. We keep on compartmentalizing, Trump can lie all he wants and nothing happens, but Joe stutters and it's a national disgrace... How can you compare one without including the only alternative?

  • Biden’s debate performance sets off alarm bells for Democrats
  • Calling a spade a spade would at least include the mention that Trump didn't answer a single question. All he did was ramble; I could stomach 3 questions and I cannot tell from the answer if Trump understood any of them