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balkon solar
  • It’s always Freiburg isn’t it 👁️👁️

  • AI art steals from the poor and has no place in modern society
  • You'll have an easier time unionizing programmers

    Ye I’ve been since the start until some months ago in the Italian chapter of tech workers coalition because of this :P

    I wish I had an idea to start fixing this

    I do have ideas but the thing is that almost no one can fully save other people. Like the unionizing thing: we tried to unionize from outside but just doesn’t work if people inside don’t hammer everyday. We can think about cooperative models but even if we start a coop people will have to jump in your ship they can’t just keep the comfort of the status quo

    It’s hard but my protip is that everyone should first acknowledge every kind of own power in their own life. Then think how to use it. For example I don’t have much but I happen to have some rural land. I’ll probably make a community space out of it but first I need to ensure myself some other basic survival power lol (basically, I want to go back to studying to then have a useful job for the society I envision)

  • AI art steals from the poor and has no place in modern society
  • the first rule of the server is to be constructive, you may want to keep that in mind when posting

    control of ai by capital is bad, we all know that on this server; what are the next steps then? this is what solarpunks should ask themselves (first of all they -artists- prob need to unionize their workplace, for those not freelance, to ensure their jobs)

    also those artists who used ai without telling you just want to get by their lives and are costrained by the system as you and as me

  • Piracy shield in Italy - unavoidable even with a VPN?
  • My brother in Christ do not spread disinformation x)

    I can access it without even using any vpn, just changed dns a lot of time ago and I never get that piracywall

    Secondo me stai leakando i dns, controlla di averli configurati bene

  • Vivaldi browser improves customization for RSS subscriptions
  • Just because most of the testing is based on chrome because there is no time to do stuff well done and so it’s done just for the majority and the majority is on blink and so on and so on

    It’s just a loop, I prefer to break it using and recommending firefox :o

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • For me, their "explanation" is pure nonsense

    It’s badly written imo. There are 2 implicit informations:

    • proton couldn’t give them anything else
    • the ip was not used to track them anyway (yes it’s cringe to say but i mean I’m not Andy Chen nor the people who proof checked the post lol)

    there are some providers that I don't use

    Ye, I’m asking to know which provider you use that does not comply with local law

    sorry for making false promises

    Promises were never false. They did not track ip and they don’t. They had to start for that specific user after the order…

    It’s more like “we didn’t add extra clauses to our statements to make it clearer from start that bla bla bla”.

    Marketing can be useful for a lot of reasons but it should never take the place of education. And vice versa.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • Proton gave the IP address, person got arrested is the story I know and it's the one presented in the euronews article

    The euro news article also links the French source and they say that a lot of the work was analyzing photos on Instagram

    What a weird statement to make to justify giving up an IP address

    Cmon… It’s a sentence linked to the next one. They are not using that as a way to justify anything, they just explained how ip was “enough”.

    I totally don't trust them.

    Not that you would need trust. Just use tor or a vpn if you need to hide ip while doing stuff you know police is interested in…

    I wonder which email provider you are using right now after being so confindent :P

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • Are you sure you can’t opt out? The only stuff they send me is product news because I haven’t unsubscribed from that mailing list

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure | Proton

    To ensure our mission always comes first, Proton is transitioning to a non-profit structure and formalizing our promise of people before profits.

    Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure | Proton
    Patrick Breyer and Pirate Party lose EU Parliament seats
  • Don’t worry

    In Italy we have voted for Ilaria Salis and she has heavy hands that tend to go on the fascists faces lol

    I dream of a royal rumble in the parliament

  • The developer of Anna’sArchive cannot handle criticism at all [caution]
  • oh social media, what a damage you have done to our vocabularies

    For a while has been nice to have wider education

  • The developer of Anna’sArchive cannot handle criticism at all [caution]
  • Ye but he/she is the one choosing the lemmy title isn’t he/she ? :)

  • One Piece Chapter 1115
  • Yeeee

    Drop us the name brooooooooo

    Make them shit their pants

  • @roguecache's solarpunk logo v2
  • I get more jungle vibes from it :o

  • What Solarpunk Tech do you own?
  • do you happen to know if buying an old twizy around 1500euros is a bad deal? for having to change battery for example

  • @roguecache's solarpunk logo v2

    cross-posted from:

    > just made a new solarpunk logo; i think it's very well designed and keeps the simplicity while still keeping sun, nature and technology meanings


    @roguecache's solarpunk logo v2 just made a new solarpunk logo; i think it's very well designed and keeps the simplicity while still keeping sun, nature and technology meanings

    vore reader: brutalist rss reader
  • It’s a free tool that the owner probably uses, it’s already a success :)

  • MetaWindow: Noise Reduction from Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn Introduces MetaWindow: A Game-Changer in Noise Reduction for Railways | RAILTARGET

    Deutsche Bahn has introduced the MetaWindow, a breakthrough transparent noise barrier developed with Phononic Vibes, at Berlin's Greentech Festival. This innovative technology, using unique geometric designs for enhanced sound absorption, marks a major advancement over traditional barriers.

    Solarpunk Workshop
  • very well thought!

    p.s. i would be glad if you posted on [email protected] next time!

  • community is punk
  • i guess i'll have to enter in the xmpp chat lol

  • community is punk
  • I’ve not been a mod for quite some time, I’d rather not “force the hand” just ‘cause I founded it

  • The wave glider, a robot to catch data in the ocean The Wave Glider | Unmanned Surface Vehicle by Liquid Robotics

    The Wave Glider is the most experienced unmanned surface vehicle (USV) on the planet, revolutionizing how we explore and understand the world's oceans.

    The Wave Glider | Unmanned Surface Vehicle by Liquid Robotics

    I was watchin the last episode of ''earthsounds'' (docuseries that you can find on torrent) and they said to have used one of this with a microphone mounted under it to record better sounds from whales (because they travel a looooooot and not always on the same routes).

    Autonomous robot solarpowered to catch better ocean data, pretty solarpunk to me :3

    p.s. the series is nice even tho first 4 episodes have much more cool sounds; it's also interesting to see how hard it is to capture the sounds at the end of every episode

    p.p.s. ye, it's not open source, by a company owned by boeing and probably also used for militar purposes so it's not perfectly as we would like it to be


    crowdfunding for internet access in the Gaza strip GAZAWEB - Fai crescere gli Alberi della RETE a Gaza

    Coltiva con noi gli “Alberi della Rete”!Oltre a decine di migliaia di vite umane, l’offensiva di Israele sta annichilendo deliberatamente le infrastrutture di telecomunicazione a Gaza. Per aggirare i black-out della rete e condividere connessioni gratuite nelle aree difficili della striscia, g…

    GAZAWEB - Fai crescere gli Alberi della RETE a Gaza

    i don't like sharing crowdfundings because there are a looooot of them; but i feel like this can be an exception for 3 reasons:

    • it's Gaza
    • i know that the hacker association behind it is more than honest
    • dulcis in fundo, looks like a very much solarpunk solution on a lot of fronts, it's not ''just'' the usual mutual aid :D

    how to avoid spam in decentralized networks?

    what bugs me the most is thinking that if lemmy became as relevant as reddit, servers to spam all over the threadiverse would be created nonstop

    does anyone have some resources into solutions for spam in stuff like email? i'd like to check if having some giants gatekeepers like microsoft and google is inevitable

    5 A Society That Lost Focus

    A Society That Lost Focus écrit par Ploum, Lionel Dricot, ingénieur, écrivain de science-fiction, développeur de logiciels libres.

    A Society That Lost Focus

    except for the ''new experiences'' sentence it's a lovely article :)


    inspo for a solarpunk eu flag

    I've also tried with red stars but red on green kinda triggers my astigmatism


    does anybody know osecology status? Home | Open Source Ecology

    We’re developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free. The goal of Open Source Ecology is to create an open source economy – an efficient economy which increases innovation by open collaboration.

    Home | Open Source Ecology

    is it halt or dead? the github loooks dead and also this


    BioPunk space in Hamburg Nerds touching grass

    16 years after the international Hackspace revolution, we are finding ourself in the midst of a global crisis with a search for answers. ...

    Nerds touching grass