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Las Vegas' dystopia-sphere, powered by 150 Nvidia GPUs and drawing up to 28,000,000 watts, is both a testament to the hubris of humanity and an admittedly impressive technical feat | PC Gamer
  • You’ve got to be dumber than dogshit to not realize that unregulated CAPITALISM empowers those with CAPITAL at the expense of those without it. That’s the whole fucking point. Your dumbass example ignores an entire academic discipline’s worth of understanding, backed by empirical observation. JFC.

  • China and Belarus conduct joint military exercises right next to NATO and EU’s border
  • Incorrect. I come from a Russian speaking family and retain much of the language. Belarus is “white Rus”, Белая Русь (“Belaya Rus”). Sometime referred to historically as White Russia.

    See also:

    Edit: Ukraine, historically, has been referred to as “Little Russia” (by the Russian Empire, affirming its subjugation of the Ukrainian people), and you may be confusing it for Belarus.

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
    • email. Before Microsoft fucked it up with html and “some asshole would like to recall this email” type bullshit.
    • web search, obviously.
    • any fucking software that you have to rent.
    • so, so much more.
  • The Star Wars franchise fucking sucks open ass

    It’s like they took the worst shit from Star Trek and ramped it up to 10. Everything about this series of movies blows. That is all.