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"China is just industrializing Xinjiang"
  • I get a shit-eating grin across my face every time I see one of these chucklefucks backed into a corner like that. They always either respond with something like “no u”, “fuck you”, or both, and then yeet themselves out of the conversation.

  • Woke Side of the Moon
  • It unfortunately appears to be 100% authentic, with the image never having been satire. I looked up the handle “euphorio_” from the watermark and the dude is a full on right wing conspiracy theorist proud of being “anti-censorship” and “realizing”. I was really hoping for a bit of schadenfreude here from Caitlyn having eaten the onion, but no such luck.

  • Biden challenges Trump to 2 debates but won’t participate in nonpartisan commission's debates
  • Biden and Trump both accepted an invitation to debate from CNN and another from ABC, both within hours of this AP story going live. While you’ve got some valid points here regarding incompetence and mismanagement we’ve seen from the major parties of late, in this particular instance it seems like it worked out.

    I’d also like to point out once again that my original comment was not trying to argue whether or not this was a good thing, I was providing a source showing that the debate commission has a long history of scheduling debates after the start of early voting. You even asked for a source on that, hence my reply.

  • Biden challenges Trump to 2 debates but won’t participate in nonpartisan commission's debates
  • I didn’t set out to prove anything or argue any point other than the complaint about the debates being scheduled after early voting starts are rooted in fact.

    In fact, the only thing I really did was provide relevant sources to indicate that, yes, the debate commission has a history of scheduling at times after early voting starts.

  • Biden challenges Trump to 2 debates but won’t participate in nonpartisan commission's debates
  • But I'd love a source for the non-partisian debates being scheduled after early voting starts.

    I've never heard anything about that.

    The article itself mentions that both campaigns have an issue with the debate commission scheduling after early voting. But let’s assume the AP is not a credible source and didn’t fact check this.

    How long before the election does early voting begin? Looks like it’s 50 days in some instances:

    Early in-person voting may begin as early as 50 days before the election … The average start date is 27 days before the election.

    So let’s look at how well the commission did in 2020. Election Day was Nov. 3, 2020; 50 days prior was Sept. 14, 2020 and 27 days prior was Oct. 7, 2020.

    Based on the schedule here: there were three debates:

    • Sept. 29, 2020: Biden v. Trump
    • Oct. 7, 2020: Harris v. Pence
    • Oct. 22, 2020: Biden v. Trump

    So, yeah, not a single one of those dates is before the absolute start of early voting, and two of them are on or after the average start.

    Seems like a valid and factual complaint to me.

  • Oh boy, they're both the same, I can't decide...
  • Knocking it out of the park with these memes lately PugJesus!

    Let’s see the “both sides are the same”/“vote third party” crowd scamper out into the light to get shut the fuck down yet again.

  • Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be privileged and safe
  • Just because I’m blaming protest voters doesn’t mean I’m not blaming Biden. His hands are in no way clean here and his handling of the situation in the Middle East has been horrendous.

    All that being said though, I choose realism over idealism. We have a FPTP electoral system in the US. This inevitably results in a binary choice. Come Election Day, every voter is either choosing to enable Biden’s neoliberalism or Trump’s fascism. It is that simple.

    I’m making the choice to knowingly be a neoliberal enabler even if I would prefer something else. The reason being is that any other choice makes me a fascist enabler, same for 100% of protest voters whether or not they choose to bury their heads in the sand about it. As such, I’m entitled to think that they are in fact fucking morons, and plenty of people agree with me.

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