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  • Thank you for the explanation, though the underlying requirements for keeping a list locally appear to remain much the same, since you really only need to add a few trigger words to the "dumb, always-on" local parser (such as your top 1000 advertisers' company or product names). After all, I'd imagine we do not require context, but only really need to know whether a word was said or not, not unlike listening for the "real" trigger word.

    This is of course only one of many ways to attack such a problem, and I do not know how they ultimately would do, assuming that they were interested in listening in on their users in the first place.

    And yes, embedded devices are slightly harder to fiddle with than using your own computer, but I'd bet that they didn't actually take the time to make a proper gate array and instead just use some barebones Linux, which most likely means UART access!

  • What.
  • Assuming that they parse everything locally, which appears to be the case, then why would it have to send a constant stream of audio? A small list/packet of keywords of a few bytes or KB once a day would suffice for most telemetry (including ad analysis and other possible spying reasons') needs.

    Also, one ought to be able to see the contents of the packets if they retrieve the devices' SSL key for the session, so this should also be falsifiable.

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • Couch co-op, split-screen, hotseat; Kingdom Two Crowns is nice. So is Darksiders Genesis, For The King, Moon Hunters, Trine, etc.

    Always on the lookout for other good co-op couch games, especially with a good story, but I feel that they are few and far between. :(

  • Lav valgdeltagelse forventes i dag, men hvem er sofavælgerne?
  • Jeg tænker at du har ret i, at de giver synlighed. De giver mig i hvert fald mindre lyst til at stemme på dem, og øger irritationen mod politikerne i helhed.

    Edit: For mit vedkommende, så kigger jeg altid på partiernes websider og på opstillendes uddybende svar i test, og jeg ville mene at man kan formidle en del mere information om de opstillende via. en pæn webside end på en plakat.

  • Firefox Maker Plans to Add AI Features to Its Browser - WSJ
  • Yes, that's what I'm getting at (but thank you for elaborating).

    The article makes it seem like they want to "add AI" to Firefox, while it in reality appears to be about LLM. It is unthinkable unlikely that Firefox would not already have some kind of AI implemented.

  • Firefox Maker Plans to Add AI Features to Its Browser - WSJ
  • I'm surprised that Firefox has no AI elements already. As long as they don't add some LLM BS, I'm sure we'll be just fine.

    (That's sarcasm, they are indeed talking about LLM specifically, and not AI in general.)

  • Which is which?
  • Hmm, well, I have heard women being compared to singing birds (or more degrading as vultures or pen of hens if in group), but I've more often heard women being romantically compared to bees or flowers. Though, I don't think I've ever heard men being compared to bees, but often to birds (eagles, vultures, seagulls, etc.).

    Might also be local culture, as I usually think of harmony, nature, and perhaps matriarchy when pondering bees, while birds seem much more gender neutral, like, standoff-ish, elegant, brutal, impulsive, egoistic, even presented as predatory and evil in children movies and some media.

    So, using common stereotyping, you can see where I'm coming from.

  • Which is which?
  • Thank you for the explanation.

    As someone not too familiar with American cultures, I'd probably make an assumption and go for the (to me) more masculine bird over the docile and flower loving bee, since bees have stingers that they normally would never use and birds have beaks/peckers.

  • [email protected] to centralize negative news about AI
  • Enshittification-wise it is both, since the current main reason for AI enshittification is the LLM enshittification bleeding out. But focusing on AI as a whole for being the problem would not be unlike "fuckcars" being called "fucktransportation".

  • [email protected] to centralize negative news about AI
  • A new "fuckcars"-like community whose name doesn't even target the source of their frustration? Neat.

    Gamedevs, researchers, and factory engineers sitting in a corner mumbling something about "appropriation".

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Microsoft's and OpenAI's hijacking of the term "AI" to mean "LLM", and those who just blindly follow along and thereby help alienating those who work with AI (not LLM), are a sickness.

  • I hope it's not gross this time
  • Isn't that a good thing in this case? Once someone invents a new innovative slur you can just go to ud and search it up, instead of making assumptions or having to ask them yourself.

  • Perfectly balanced

    Well, almost (49/51%).

    Needless to say, the steam deck has definitely found its place playing Monster Hunter, Graveyard Keeper, and sometimes even Guild Wars 2 and factorio.

    It does run Deep Rock Galactic and Vermintide 2 too, but I feel those are better played on the rig.