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Devastating, the Worst Politician from the 2000s Said Something You Agree With
  • You'll get more conservative as you get older (with more money and privilege)

    You'll get less fascist as you get colder (as the government you put in power let's civil infrastructure fall apart and/or straight up gun you down)

  • Mike Johnson Vows to Back Trump on Most Horrifying Campaign Promise
  • > Try eating when there’s no migrants to work the fields (different user, my bad)

    Point out that cheaper immigrant labor will help fix inflation and you win two more arguments with the general population.

    Wild how I put words in comments you posted. Lemmy has such weird glitches sometimes.

  • Mike Johnson Vows to Back Trump on Most Horrifying Campaign Promise
  • So you support exploitation of immigrant workers in manual labor at places like farms and factories...because your mom made it and became a nurse? Those are entirely different ends of the spectrum. And your parents being immigrants doesn't justify your argument that the country needs immigrants to "work the fields". That whole industry is explicitly taking advantage of immigrants, legal or otherwise, because they have less opportunities than other citizens for a whole host of other major issues that also should be addressed.

  • There’s just some things you don’t talk about at work.
  • Space is big, bruh. I'm not sure if there's a source on the size of the SW galaxy, but for the milky way, it's estimated to have upwards of 400 billion stars. Assuming most of those have planets, that's plenty of worlds for life given a galactic ecosystem like SW's.

  • Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher of Manor Lords, citing how gamers seem to be trained to expect endless content work now
  • Eh, EA can certainly be a problem, but it's also an incredibly useful resource for devs operating in good faith, opening up the field for talent that would otherwise be priced out of making a game at all. Personally, I'm ok ignoring money grabs if it means the barrier of entry for resource starved talent is lowered.

  • Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher of Manor Lords, citing how gamers seem to be trained to expect endless content work now
  • The dev seems to have a good publisher that's on their side, which is nice to see. I find it bizarre that this rebuttal comes in response to the CEO of Hinterland Studios, the devs of Long Dark, which was in early access itself for ages. Dunno if they think they're above it all now, but you'd think they would at least be sympathetic of devs facing that kind of shit. Probably just CEO saying CEO shit. Hopefully the Manor Lords dev doesn't let it get to them much, or at all.

  • [Feature Request] Disable thumbnails on mobile data

    When I used Reddit is Fun, it really hogged up data unless thumbnails we're disabled. I've noticed that Connect is also using quite a lot of data, but there is no similar setting that I can find (there's an option to disable preloading images, but I'm not seeing what that changes).

    Even if there was just an option to toggle thumbnails manually, it'd be much appreciated.


    Federation issues popping up again? Lemmy Federation State

    Show federatiion state of lemmy instances

    I noticed a distinct lack of response to comments and looking at the threads from other instances shows that my comments aren't appearing outside of, and going to the link I shared shows there are 0 up-to-date instances with

    This happened around the big update in December, too. Not sure what the cause is, but here's hoping it can be resolved soon!

    *Dunno if this info would be helpful, but the last comment of mine that seems to have federated properly was from 07:15UTC, and the first comment that seems to be missing was from 14:15UTC. So something happened between then.


    What's a band that has one album that is just about perfect in your opinion, but rest of their discography misses the mark with you?

    One of mine is Commit This to Memory by Motion City Soundtrack. I basically took the title verbatim and know the album word for word. And while I would love if it did, the rest of MCS's stuff just doesn't hit the same way.

    And if you're not an album person, maybe a period of time in the artist's work? Whatever works for you.

    *Lots of mentions of hit debut albums that subsequently petered out, which follows with the dreaded sophomore slump that hits many artists. Anyone with mid or even later career albums that stand alone? Those always intrigue me.


    Is it more respectful to use more current photos of people who have died? Or is it better to use photos from their "prime"?

    Just had this thought and I'm caught between the two. Assuming anything being considered were all "good" photos, what would you prefer if it were you?

    *Lots of great responses! I do want to clarify that I am not currently dealing with this scenario myself, but I appreciate the thoughtful comments. Hopefully they can help people that are struggling. I know I'll keep them in mind for the future.

    Television Ech

    Late-to-the-party appreciation post for Ted Lasso (spoiler warning goes here)

    I absolutely adored the first 2 seasons as they came out and wasn't confident in how the third season would follow up. And tbh, the first half was somewhat underwhelming. The Zava stuff seemed pointless and it kinda felt like it was running on auto-pilot. But man, starting with the Amsterdam episode it was just banger after banger (with special nods to 'The Strings That Bind Us' with Sam's emotional arc and the finale 'So Long Farwell' with, well...everything). The last show that made me laugh-cry that much was The Good Place.

    I know there's lots of folks sad about it being done so quickly, but I don't think I'd want it any other way. Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, and everyone else on that show made something truly wonderful, not just for tv, but as a heartfelt examination and embrace of the flaws and strengths in all of us. This story about football that's not really about football (but still really is) will always hold a place in my heart.

    slaps 'Believe!' poster


    People should just post YT links instead of whatever obscure frontend they decide is better

    For one, even if I wanted to use it, piped never works for me.

    Second, on mobile, my alternative of choice doesn't recognize everyone's non-yt links, so it removes my choice in the matter.

    Third, I have no reason to trust the weird-ass domains I see, and to un-fuck the url takes much more time then just handing out the original YT links and letting people choose for themselves how they view the video.

    Connect A Song Ech

    Jonathan Coulton - RE: Your Brains

    Coworker talking about killing the other.

    1 Tennessee House GOP Blocks Proclamation Honoring Grammy Winner Allison Russell, While Letting Similar Measure for Paramore Pass

    Tennessee's House GOP blocked a proclamation honoring Allison Russell for her Grammy win, while letting a similar honor for Paramore slide though.

    Tennessee House GOP Blocks Proclamation Honoring Grammy Winner Allison Russell, While Letting Similar Measure for Paramore Pass

    Two Drums and a Cymbal [Tom Scott]

    Rediscovered this vid digging around my old youtube playlists. I barely knew who Tom was back then, and with his recent announcement, I thought it was kind of neat to come back to. Hopefully others find it as funny/neat as I do!


    Lemmy, is there a treasured piece of content that you stop yourself from going back to "too often" so as to not dilute it?

    I do this for a few things, movies in particular. For me most recently, I'm planning on watching Bo Burnham's Inside this weekend, for the first time since I watched it shortly post-release. I wasn't really intending to wait \checks watch nearly 3 years on that one, but I definitely felt it needed some space before a rewatch.

    Anyone else treat certain pieces of media similarly?


    Outgoing federation broken?

    I just noticed that all of my comments for the last few days don't show up in the parent instance of the post. It is happening in several different instances, so it seems like it's probably an issue on the side of things.

    So far comments aren't appearing in '', '', or ''

    While looking into this, I also noticed other users posts that aren't appearing when switching instances.

    *Suddenly got some interaction with the lost posts, as well as a few comments from '' on the other account I've been using, which matches up to sunaurus's post on updating to 19.1. Glad to see things appear to be working as expected again. Hopefully 0.19 doesn't have anymore surprises for us!

    Lemmy Support Ech

    Anyway to turn off or control the comment highlighting in 0.19?

    The instance I'm on just did the update and this comment highlighting is really throwing me off. It's super glaring and unpleasant imo and I'd really appreciate the ability to turn it off. I've looked around a bit but haven't found anything myself. Am I missing something?


    How to block embedded images and videos

    Considering the latest rash of spam images plaguing the platform, I decided to figure out how to block embeds entirely since I never really liked them in the first place and am sharing what I got working since I figured it might be something others would like to enable themselves. (Fyi, this method requires uBlock Origin)

    • Open your uBlock settings and navigate to the 'My Filters' section
    • At the bottom of the document, add two breaks and then paste this: > span

    • If your instance is different than, then replace that with the instance you use to have it work.

    With that enabled, images and videos shouldn't load in comments anymore. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, so feel free to share if you know! This is just what I knew how to get work asap. Hope it helps some people!


    *0.19 seems to have borked the method I previously posted, but I was able to find another string that works that seems to be more efficient anyhow. Hopefully this one works for a while! I'm going to leave the old strings at the bottom here just to cover all bases. To reiterate, these are the old strings that, afik, do NOT work anymore. > .md-div > p > [src] > .md-div > p > video


    Shout out to Wilds of Eldraine

    I drafted the heck out of it and I noticed today that I am 1-of "complete" with WOE, which is the first set I've done that with on Arena. While LCI looks to be good in it's own right, WOE just hit all the right notes and I miss it already, so cheers to an awesome draft format! It was great while it lasted.

    2 The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Release Notes

    The Release Notes include info about the release of a new set, as well as clarifications and rulings involving that set's cards.

    The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Release Notes

    Upcoming Card Updates and Oracle Erratas Card Updates Coming with Khans of Tarkir on MTG Arena

    We are continuously reviewing our card catalogue and finding ways to update the game's language and visual representation with the processes, care, and sensitivity built into modern sets.

    Card Updates Coming with Khans of Tarkir on MTG Arena

    [LCI] Der Jahrtausendkalender (DE)


    "Doomsday Calendar" {1} (Scryfall name)

    Legendary Artifact (M)

    Whenever one or more permanents become untapped during your untap step, put that many time counters on “Doomsday Calendar”.

    {2}, {T}: Double the amount of time counters on “Doomsday Calendar”.

    When there are 1,000 or more time counters on “Doomsday Calendar”, sacrifice it and each opponent loses 1,000 life.