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Bill Gates-backed startup makes ‘butter’ out of water and carbon dioxide
  • Idk, every vegan butter I've ever had (4 different ones now) taste like the crappy diner butter that comes in a little paper boat with the thin paper film over the top. It's fine I guess, but "butter" is overstating what is really just a barely spreadable, low taste spread.

  • It's Only One Vote
  • Yes it 100% fucking is.

    Given the choice between ruin the country and the planet in that order and "this candidate is uninspired" or "wow not very good", you have to be a giant entitled sack of shit to make everyone go down the road of ruined country and planet. We would ALL like it to be a better choice, but for christs sake don't be an obstinate fuckstick: it's not getting you a better candidate, it's literally just punishing everyone if you stay home.

    Choose between: "you might get to choose a good option again", and "you almost definitely won't". That's what's on the table. You HAVE a preference, but it's not an inspired choice. When it's orange Hitler vs green Hitler, by all means, make your stand. If you are making a stand between orange Hitler and "meh" you deserve a brow beating every hour of every day until November.

  • Housing Crisis
  • Midwest, below Chicago burbs. We have in my area way way way more housing demand than supply and houses sell before market or within hours. We have some here and there homelessness but it's never as bad as streets of downtown Chicago, where parking spaces cost as much as houses.

  • Housing Crisis
  • Well that's not what you said. It's not unreasonable except for the fact that you just eliminated all the green spaces from an otherwise concrete jungle. I could be persuaded anyway, but it's a not insignificant downside.

  • Housing Crisis
    1. We don't need to move people around, build houses where people need houses!

    2. No not like that. Obviously build them somewhere else and bus people to the houses!

    Internet idea man is oblivious to cognitive dissonance.

  • Housing Crisis
  • There's no reason to reply to you at all if you can't read dude. This starts with "we can't house then where they are because capitalism" but this is the fucking point. You can't house then where they are no matter, literally because of square footage. Public transit and house. Calm your tits and learn to read.

  • Housing Crisis
  • Watch out! Goal posts are moving boys!

    This is not "house then where they are". This is the sane argument of put housing and move the people, not "There's no housing so I cast SOciALisM!" And poof it's solved.

  • Housing Crisis
  • Are you finding homeless people somewhere I'm not? The downtown metro areas are where there is a) not other housing by and large, and b) not space for anything else anyway. Maybe we are talking past each other.

  • A good zigbee repeater light switch?

    I have been using the Kasa (TP-Link) branded smart switches around my house, but now that I have a few third reality zigbee sensors for my doors and so on, I am seeing the value of using more outlets/switches that act as zigbee repeaters. Do any of you have pretty reasonable (and cheapish) smart light switches or outlets I can invest in? The Amazon offerings are in the $50 each one which is pretty steep, though I guess I could just do one each room and do the rest with Kasa stuff.

    I would like to expand the zigbee mesh network so I can use the devices where I actually want them without using smart outlet devices plugged into real outlets all over the place. If there was something that was $20 or less each item that would be super excellent. The wife and I plan to move in the not too distant future and I'd like to replace the "in the wall" stuff so that HA works throughout the house and I don't have plugs / dongles / wall warts all over the place.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!


    DAP-UI default window layout?

    Really enjoying nvim-dap-ui lately, but I always have to adjust the sizes of the windows. The docs have left me high and dry so far, but maybe one of you have a good solution for a consistent layout when you first attach to a file?


    Custom Netflix programs on android tv

    I saw a post of the guy doing NFC to get various disney+ and Netflix shows. I've installed an integration with ADB... and have no idea how to proceed. Any of you have yaml snippets I can steal to that end?

    I really want to be able to turn on the lights, turn on the TV, and start cocomelon for my daughter on Netflix in the basement as a one stop script, but I apparently am not smart enough.

    The other guy link is in Reddit so I'm not going to link it but it is really easy to find on Google: an NFC card system for Netflix.



    You guys gonna be silly like r/conservative?

    Or are you open to hearing all kinds of opinions?