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Shrunk rule
  • I remember talking about it with him about it over some beers, and naturally his first instinct as a father was that he didn’t want to use it on them. They researched it alongside him, however, knew the risks involved, and volunteered anyway.

    The “movie” totally did him wrong, btw, it got almost everything about it wrong solely for profit. He wound up suing the producers and directors for millions.

  • Shrunk rule
  • Man’s panicked on the verge of a heart attack trying to tell you that a horrible accident has occurred with your beloved children, and your response is to be pissed off that he addressed you using a term of endearment like normal people do, all while accusing him of trying to manipulate you. tf is literally wrong with you?

  • What's something you used to dislike that you have come to enjoy?
  • Having eaten them both back then and now, and had them both properly cooked and poorly cooked, this makes the most sense. I just eventually forgot that they used to taste less pleasant than they do now.