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Europeans, how common are random spam phone calls in your country?
  • I know OP didn't ask, but as someone in the US I get at least four calls per day on weekdays. Sometimes ten. Weekends are a little better. But I do have two numbers, the second number is also forwarded to my cell phone. So it's probably marginally higher because of that.

  • Prosecutors say Alec Baldwin was ‘engaged in horseplay’ with gun before fatal shooting
  • The rules about don't aim at something you don't want to destroy absolutely apply because it was a real gun. That rule applies even when you know the gun is unloaded because you checked it yourself. Been shooting 45 years (I'm 50) and no problems ever because I was taught and follow the safety rules.

  • 'It's inhumane.' Despite how hot it is, Tennessee renters don't have a right to air conditioning
  • Agreed. If it's law they'll get it done (mostly, there are always bad landlords in court). But there are still a lot of places where it isn't law, and I'm not just talking about the US. But if it's too hot to be at home, spend a little extra time at work and fix the problem.

  • 'It's inhumane.' Despite how hot it is, Tennessee renters don't have a right to air conditioning
  • When I was 21 and moving into a shitty rental with my now wife, the place didn't have AC and we moved in during a terrible heat wave. We bought one window unit so we could at least sleep at night. Later bought one more to make the whole space livable. Those units aren't expensive, pick up an extra shift or two and you can buy one. When we moved into a place with central air we sold one and gave one away.

  • Ghosts? Or some levitation perk?T

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    I was told a weight bench makes settlers happy

    Welding doingthestuff

    I would be the guy you point at with the even crappier weld.