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CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • It's also useful because it gives a corporate controlled filter for all information, that most people will never truly appreciate is being used as a mouthpiece.

    The end goal of this is fairly obvious: imagine Google where instead of the sponsored result and all subsequent results, it's just the sponsored result.

  • Most annoying feature ever
  • I have many friends that complain about these things, that noticed the exact same pattern as you.

    And yet, every last single time I've ask them "Have you looked into using a different service? Maybe try one?" they mumble out a noncommittal response and never do.

  • See what’s changing in Firefox: Better insights, same privacy. Stil a good choice?
  • The value is likely that they're selling it. Because they're a non-profit, and they have to make money somehow. Or they're using it to develop some kind of ai search function.

    But the important, critical fact here is that Mozilla has routinely demonstrated that they can be trusted when they tell you "You can turn this off, and if you turn this off, it is actually off, and it will stay off."

    You will never see that from Google or Microsoft or any of the others.

    Look at the part where they mentioned that if you already disabled telemetry, this new telemetry is also disabled. Think about how rare that is nowadays with any consumer software from most big for-profit tech companies. New bullshit is always on by default, even if you disabled it previously. The fact Mozilla respected that puts them miles ahead of any of their competitors.

    As for the "path they're going on", I don't know what to tell you, man. Every company is on this same path right now. The economics of the internet and the tech industry have gone to absolute shit, where privacy, user choice, competitive markets, and non-profits are all dying a slow painful death to enrich wall street. Mozilla will probably get caught in it too, but the best we can hope for is they hold out the longest.

  • See what’s changing in Firefox: Better insights, same privacy. Stil a good choice?
  • Are we ignoring the part where you can disable it the same way you always could?

    They even when out of their way to assure you if you already had telemetry disabled, absolutely nothing is changing for you and no data is being collected now.

  • Ohio governor calls special session to pass legislation ensuring President Biden is on 2024 ballot
  • The bill he's going to push is filled with bullshit and will cripple the public's ability to use ballot initiatives, like they recently did to secure abortion rights for the state and are currently trying to use for correcting Republican gerrymandering.

    Biden will get on the ballot and it will cost the Ohio voters their most significant power to affect change.

  • Does One Line Fix Google? - A “Web” filter that presents what Google used to look like a decade ago |
  • They're outright censored. Search for information on certain drugs (dosages, best practices, etc) and Google will not show you any information beyond studies about the drug and rehab sites.

    Whereas DDG, Bing, etc will show all the sites dedicated to safe drug usage. At least they did a few years ago.

    It's been documented by /r/drugs for a few years now.

    That said, I don't particularly think this is a great example of Google fucking their own search up because there's reason to believe this may be due regulatory pressure.

  • Does One Line Fix Google? - A “Web” filter that presents what Google used to look like a decade ago |
  • It's not that it ignored it ten years ago and stopped, it's that much of it didn't exist to the degree it does now, and there was a lot more content being made of different websites, so there were actual results to show.

    Google Search went to shit, it's true, but have you tried the other ones? They're not much better.

    We have to acknowledge the internet itself went to shit. There's simply less to find out there than there used to be, because the majority of all web content and discussions moved away from individual websites and forums and centralized on a few platforms. They can filter out the SEO junk, but what would they replace it with?

  • The real reason it costs so much to go to a concert
  • The secret third option to pour some water on fiery demand is not exactly popular, but it is simple: Make the tickets more expensive on the primary market.

    It’s easy to see why artists are reluctant to set their prices to what a ticket would sell for on, say, StubHub. Fans would rightfully complain, and many musicians do want to give all fans the chance to come to their shows. But one surefire way to deter scalpers would be to raise prices and narrow the margin that a reseller could make by flipping a ticket. (Theoretically, there’s a ceiling on what people would pay for concert tickets, and surpassing it would quench demand.) There’s a logic to doing so for artists: If a ticket sells for $100 on the resale market compared to $50 on the primary market, “the scalper’s making more than you are from your art and your labor,” notes Koebler.

    Leave it to an economist to find the "solution" that completely ignores the actual problem.

  • The real reason it costs so much to go to a concert
  • You've got it backwards.

    The prices are high, because they know enough of their fandom has the means to pay it, and they will.

    There's no question that the tickets will sell, and there's no hope that any "message" will ever be sent.

  • The real reason it costs so much to go to a concert
  • Who's "they"?

    Because it certainly isn't the entire fandom.

    Someone will always pay more, because they have more to spend. Just because the show sold out doesn't mean an accurate representation of the fandom are the ticket holders.

    The prices are not fine for most fans, but there are enough that pay anyway. The majority get punished by the "free market" that they're locked out of. It's not as if there's a cheaper alternative Taylor Swift concert the market can move to.

    There's also the fact these are limited time affairs, so even if people aren't fine with it, they don't have a choice if they want to see their favorite artist in their prime.

    Also, the idea that if it's not food, it's okay for it to be price gouged is ridiculous. You can take any economic theories you like and blow them out your ass, because the fundamental point is we want a fairer world where the poor are not consistently and routinely fucked over by greed and the wealthy that get to buy special treatment at everyone else's expense. It is not unreasonable to want a world where the poor get to enjoy things at a reasonable cost.

    You might as well just say that not everyone needs to fly when we have buses and trains and boats, so why don't airlines just make all the seats first class?

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • -hijacks the cellular connection in your phone when you connect it to the car.

    How would it do this without the user triggering it? I don't own a newer car, is this a real thing some of them can do?

    I know in my phone I have to turn on sharing the mobile connection via USB, it's not something that just happens.

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • The statistics around accidents with large vehicles like that are less about their operation and more that they exist at all. Accidents will always happen, certification or no. The issue is someone struck by one will be more likely to sustain heavier or critical injuries, and smaller cars offer less protection for their passengers when hit by heavier vehicles.

    So rather than "you can use one of these completely unnecessary vehicles if you pass a test once", they should just be outlawing them all together as basic consumer vehicles. If they aren't being designed for specific utilities or business purposes, you can't make them and sell them to just anyone.

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • The GPS isn't the issue, the speed limit database is. How does the car know what the limit is, and how does that database get updated when limits are changed or new roads are built? What is the mandate on the updating of that database?

  • National Park Service cracks down on Pride leaving LGBTQ+ rangers feeling betrayed
  • So by the sound of it, no one is being bared from participating, and the Pride events in the parks are not cancelled, though a bunch of approvals for participation in other events are waiting on a decision.

    Just can't use the official NPS uniforms.

    Ok. Fair enough.

    Every NPS employee should get custom shirts that state clearly who they work for. Maybe even design them to look similar to the uniforms. March in those, and leave no question who you are. Then we'll see what happens.

  • Android apps that allow hiding or collapsing images in comments?

    Looking for any Lemmy app that provides a setting to hide or collapse inline images in comments, like RES let you do on Reddit, or like RIF, to re-create the text-only comment experience. I've been using Boost, which I really like it and want to keep supporting, but this setting is still a WIP I think, and it's a must for me. I wanna try others until it's added.

    Thanks all

    Update: if you're looking for the same thing, I eventually landed on Summit.

    The Boost for Lemmy app preview looks promising for RIF refugees

    Just thought I'd point this out to anyone looking for an RIF alternative that's actually in the same vein as RIF (compact, simple, clean).

    Boost was a Reddit app until today. They just added a preview to the Play Store for their Lemmy app with no fanfare.

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